About Us

Our mission is deliver a clean, easy to use and read, list of cryptocurrency & blockchain related news, served from the major publishers on this area.

What we do
  • We deliver NEWS and only news, that’s our main purpose and focus, to aggregate in a single place for your convenience, all the articles you may find of interesting reading.
  • We try to keep things clean and simple to use, our default view is an easy to read feed with just the right amount of information, users have however the choice to view the feed with an alternative view witch also displays article featured image and excerpt (When the source provides it).
  • We keep our feed with a 3 month retention period.
  • Clicking on an article title sends the user to the original article.
  • Clicking on the Source sends the user to the main website of that source.

What we don’t do and why

  • We do not provide reddit, instagram, twitter or any other social media related feeds about cryptocurrency, Why? Because those services are in their essence already aggregator applications, it’s best that you use them directly for a better user experience.
  • We do not provide filters on our feeds, Why? Because we feel that an assorted mix of news from various sources is better for overall knowledge grabbing, you would never know what you where missing if you constantly filter our feeds.
  • We do not provide content of our own, neither free or sponsored, all articles are from established sources and the opinions and views are their owns.
  • We do not provide financial or trading advice.
  • We do not provide any services related to cryptocurrency other then news feed, advertising and a price list on sidebar.

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