• Tachyon Burst: Can Ethereum And Glimpse Protocol Fix Digital Advertising?
    The current digital advertising model is fundamentally flawed: it lacks transparency and takes away users’ privacy. Advertisers don’t know if anyone actually views their ads, and users don’t know who has access to their data. Glimpse, backed by ConsenSys’ Tachyon Accelerator, is looking to fix the advertising paradigm. It’s a new privacy protocol, aiming to give users complete control over data and create a more equitable digital advertising model. The project was launched last year by Tim Holmes-Mitra and Alasdair Macdonald, two British Army officers who first encountered the technology in 2013. At the time they were part of a small community of officers interested in cryptocurrency and blockchain. “We had a bunch of mining rigs in the Officers’ Mess,” explained Macdonald. The military gave them a key insight into the techniques governments and tech giants use to exploit internet data. Modern-day cybersecurity is less about “shutting down a tank,” Holmes-Mitra explains, and more about on collecting meta-data and building profiles that predict the movements of those that potentially represent a security risk. Digital advertisers do something similar when they try to identify what users are likely to buy. But the Cambridge Analytica and Equifax scandals revealed only “the tip of ... read more
    Source: Crypto BriefingPublished on 2019-05-21By Paddy Baker
    31 mins ago
  • Craig Wright Copyrights BTC White Paper, Bitcoin SV Soars 90%
    Craig Wright, the famous frontman of Bitcoin SV, also known as a self-assumed Satoshi Nakamoto, has filed documents to patent the ownership of the original BTC code and the white paper made by Satoshi Nakamoto Perhaps, the second highly notorious person in the crypto industry after John McAfee, Dr Craig Wright, has found a way to attract even more attention than when he was suing major crypto figures. This time, he decided to act using the global system of patents. A mere registration is seen as a victory The news was reported by CoinDesk on Tuesday. Craig Wright has indeed filed registration documents to the US Patent Office. This does not mean that he has actually received any particular patents. The process of patent registration is rather a part of preparation for legal suits that may arise while the submitter tries to prove his right for the patent, says CoinDesk. The first application to the Patent Office was regarding Satoshi Nakamoto’s white paper. The second one – regarding the original Bitcoin code. Why the copyright registration matters to Dr Wright Jimmy Nguyen, the head of bComm Association, an organization that largely supports Bitcoin SV and Craig Wright, said ... read more
    Source: Ethereum World NewsPublished on 2019-05-21By Alex Korwin
    35 mins ago
  • What is EIP 1973 and how can it Impact Decentralized Applications
    By its very nature, Ethereum, just like any permission-less blockchain is open sourced. This means that the underlying code that creates this decentralized infrastructure is open and accessible for anyone to look at, review, and contribute to. This represents the culmination of the individual efforts of tens, if not hundreds of developers around the world. Such distributed collaboration is no easy feat. So how does this community structure the process by which new ideas are proposed, vetted, and eventually implemented onto Ethereum’s mainnet? Through an improvement process known as EIPs (Ethereum Improvement Proposals).  There are some well-known EIPs like ERC20 which is for token issuance, EIP721, which is for non-fungible tokens and rose to popularity through the CryptoKitties project. Lastly is EIP145, which is specifically designed for Ethereum Hard Forks. Although EIPs are an open-sourced protocol that anyone can contribute to, getting your EIP approved is still a rigorous process. Highly established projects such as Polymath (ERC-1400) have only gotten their EIPs to the Draft and Pull Request stages respectively. This speaks volumes to the demanding evaluation process required to get an EIP approved. Although EIPs are an open-sourced protocol that anyone can contribute to, getting your EIP ... read more
    Source: Ethereum World NewsPublished on 2019-05-21By Adrian Mathieu
    35 mins ago
  • Bitfinex launches new IEO platform, Tokinex
    The team behind the Bitfinex and Ethfinex exchanges is the latest to launch its own IEO platform. According to a Medium post, Tokinex will be going live as of today. ... read more
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  • Around The Block With Jeff And Dave – Our First Podcast!
      In this episode, we interview Tim Draper, discuss McAfee’s Debit Card and McAfee’s knowledge of who the Bitcoin Creator, Satoshi Nakamoto, is. We also cover the big news of today. We recorded this a few weeks ago just before the current rise in Bitcoin on May 6, 2019. We still invite our listeners toRead MoreRead More. The post by Around The Block With Jeff And David appeared first on BTCManager, Bitcoin, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency News ... read more
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  • ConsenSys Demographic Search Survey: Trends in Cryptocurrency and Blockchain
    A search engine survey carried out by ConsenSys revealed the search break up for certain countries. The goal, as per the blog post, May 20, 2019, was to figure out whether Bitcoin, Ethereum, blockchain, or cryptocurrency were dominating consumer minds in a particular country.  Bitcoin and Ethereum On Top Countries in Asia such as JapanRead MoreRead More. The post by Ashwath Balakrishnan appeared first on BTCManager, Bitcoin, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency News ... read more
    Source: BTC ManagerPublished on 2019-05-21By Ashwath Balakrishnan
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  • Strong Barriers at $8,500, But Bitcoin (BTC) Bulls Are Steadfast
    Bitcoin (BTC) stable and ranging The US SEC delays VanEck Bitcoin ETF decision date by another three months Bulls are resilience, and after shaking off the $1,000 drop of May 19, Bitcoin is stable and ranging. Even so, any break and close above $8,500 will draw buyers aiming at $10k or higher confirming bulls of early April. Bitcoin Price Analysis Fundamentals That the dreaded crypto winter is finally over, is true. Analysts say fundamental and technical factors are aligning and that will likely lift Bitcoin prices to new highs as prices breach and close above the minor resistance at $8,500. At spot rates, Bitcoin prices are in range mode. However, it is the reaction of the market to the news that the US SEC will delay their decision on the VanEck Bitcoin ETF by three months to August 2019. Although they didn’t expound as to why they are taking their time, observers believe it has to do with their requirements of stringent surveillance tools to prevent fraud and other manipulative acts. It is until there is fulfillment of these conditions that the US SEC would be “comfortable” with a crypto investment vehicle where the interest of the investor ... read more
    Source: News BTCPublished on 2019-05-21By Dalmas Ngetich
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  • Litecoin LTC on the verge of a Breakout: Battling EOS for the 5th Place
    While a very hectic crypto-market is taking place, for the last 24-hours the overall sentiment is on the green recovering from the last few days loses. Leaving for now on one-side the latest Bitcoin SV development, despite knowing that it is of great importance for a major part of the crypto-industry, the silver to Bitcoin’s gold – Litecoin LTC is nearing the $95 with an eye set on the big $100.00 presenting a chance to clear the weekly tanking trend-line formed since the previous monthly high. Source: coinmarketcap If the bulls hold the position and the position with no drastic change throughout the market, a clear above $95.00 could open gates for even taking EOS 5th position as the difference between the two is standing only at a $100 mil. However, seeing how almost all leading coins are in the mid-range of the last-7 days highest and lowest, today’s performance could set a stone mark for the upcoming weeks’ price situation. On Sunday, Zulu Republic tweeted that they had launched a special bot for WhatsApp users to send and receive such currencies as Bitcoin (BTC) and Litecoin (LTC) using a new Lite.Im bot.
    we are happy to announce ... read more
    Source: Ethereum World NewsPublished on 2019-05-21By Alex Tomzack
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  • Tether [USDT] worth 12 million sent from Tether treasury to unknown wallet
    Tether has been the center of rumors and speculation for a long time; however, the rumors and speculations reached a peak when NYAG, Letitia James, filed a lawsuit against Bitfinex and Tether for defrauding investors by covering up losses. The lawsuit might have subsided after the new injunction by New York Supreme Court, but it is likely to resurface again. As per data obtained from CoinMarketCap, the market cap of Tether increased by a couple hundred million in the past month, which adds fuel to the rumor surrounding the exchange. Moreover, about 12 million USDT was moved from Tether Treasury to unknown wallets as seen on Ether Scan. Whale Alert tweeted:
    4,994,990 #USDT (5,038,694 USD) transferred from Tether Treasury to unknown wallet Tx: https://t.co/qmFoxe41y4 — Whale Alert (@whale_alert) May 21, 2019 The funds were split into two transactions, ~5 million USDT and ~6.7 million USDT sent from a single wallet 5754284f345afc66a98fbb0a0afe71e0f007b949 to wallet b1fa690155821bf9191d609593b556048aca517c and 7c7019a8a4e8f0b900b88a3efca951b73afab9e8. The sender has a balance of 42 million USDT. Source: CoinMarketCap In addition, the above chart by CoinMarketCap shows how the market cap of Tether [also circulating supply] has increased by over a $300 million in a month, i..e, $2.6 billion ... read more
    Source: AMB CryptoPublished on 2019-05-21By Akash Girimath
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  • After the Wild West, the Next Generation of Crypto Companies are Advancing the Industry
    Back in the ICO boom of late 2017 and 2018, it was too easy for anyone to enter the crypto space with little more than a white paper and a sales pitch. However, once their ICO was over and the spending sprees started, even the most well-intentioned projects struggled to sustain themselves. A quick browse through Deadcoins shows that many simply burned through their funds and ultimately never brought a product to market. Now, the crypto market is starting to grow up. The community has been burned by too much hype around useless niche products too many times. Therefore, the pressure is on tech startups to demonstrate they have solid business acumen together with a sustainable plan for the future. As more and more Mainnets launch, there is also increasing recognition of the importance of interoperability. A standalone product is like a lone tree in a lightning storm, prone to being hit. Interoperability means becoming an integral part of a thriving blockchain-based ecosystem. Those who understand the importance of developing this ecosystem are the ones who stand the best chance of surviving in the long term. Here’s an overview of three companies with a strong focus on playing the long ... read more
    Source: AMB CryptoPublished on 2019-05-21By Guest Author
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  • The Cardano Blockchain Explorer “Seiza” is Now Live
    Emurgo, the official commercial and venture arm of the Cardano project, released Seiza, a new blockchain explorer for the Cardano Network. The goal of Seiza is to make it easy to track transactions. The role of Emurgo is to develop, support, and incubate commercial ventures and help integrate these businesses into Cardano’s decentralized blockchain ecosystem. Yesterday, Emurgo announced that it is now easy to track transactions on the Cardano Network. Seiza, a new blockchain explorer, has gone live and can now be used. Emurgo announced the news on Twitter:
    We are excited to unveil 'Seiza', an all-new official Cardano Blockchain Explorer developed by #EMURGO! Starting right now you can visit the website. With #Shelley slated in the near future, #Seiza provides utility & transparency for #ADA holders. https://t.co/xrhbW4CGam — EMURGO (@emurgo_io) May 20, 2019 According to Emurgo, the name Seiza, pronounced say-za, is derived from the Japanese word for “constellation”, reflecting EMURGO’s Japanese heritage and objective for it to be an all-encompassing blockchain navigation guide for users. Nicolas Arqueros, CTO of Emurgo, said: “Emurgo is fully committed to providing valuable utility to the Cardano community. Seiza is an essential user-friendly tool that Emurgo was ... read more
    Source: AltcoinBuzzPublished on 2019-05-21By Luc Lammers
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  • Dutch Man Arrested Over $2.2 Million Bitcoin Mining Fraud
    A man has been arrested in the Netherlands for allegedly scamming investors out of over $2.2 million in a fake bitcoin mining scheme. ... read more
    Source: CoindeskPublished on 2019-05-21By Yogita Khatri
    1 hour ago
  • Microsoft’s decentralized identifiers: Tech giant wants people to control all aspects of their identity, claims Daniel Buchner
    With non-financial giants making headlines for joining the crypto-race, numerous enthusiasts remain unsure about what is motivating such decisions. To uncover the secret behind one such development, WhatBitcoinDid podcast host Peter McCormack, interviewed Microsoft’s Daniel Buchner to understand why Microsoft was building decentralized IDs on the Bitcoin blockchain. While the interview started with Buchner speaking about his involvement in the crypto-space, he expanded on Microsoft’s cultural shift in working with opensource projects, unlike in the 90s. He also connected the cultural shift with Microsoft’s recent announcement related to the launch of their decentralized identity program, which would use the Bitcoin blockchain to create user identifiers. He said, “We want to make it possible for people to own all aspects of their identity and control it. It’s something that we just don’t have today, that we’ve lost really on the web.” Buchner further explained how the resultant technology would enable users to create DIDs [decentralized identifiers], which would not be under centralized control like existing email IDs. The DIDs are intended to work as a unique identifier for every user to gain access to any online service, based on trust. He also claimed that Microsoft would build the entire DID-powered ecosystem by partnering with other companies. He ... read more
    Source: AMB CryptoPublished on 2019-05-21By Arijit Sarkar
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  • Bitfinex Slashes Fiat Withdrawal Fees to 0.1%
    If you’re trading cryptocurrency on Bitfinex, then you’ll be pleased to know that the exchange has slashed it fiat withdrawal fees from the usual 3% to 0.1%. Bitfinex which recently completed its announced $1 billion IEO revealed the reduced withdrawal fees in an announcement today, May 21, with the offering set to take effect at 8:00 UTC, Wednesday, May 22nd. The exchange wrote in the announcement, “Standard fiat withdrawal fees will once again apply to all verified Bitfinex users, totaling 0.1% of the amount withdrawn ($60.00 minimum).” In other words, to withdraw $60.00 from Bitfinex, the exchange will collect $0.06 for the transaction, making it one of the most competitive rates in the industry. Meanwhile, Bitfinex’s decision to reduce the usual 3% withdrawal fee to 0.1% has come at a time when the exchange is opening its door to retail investors. In April, Coinfomania reported that the exchange removed the $10,000 equity requirement for users. On the regulatory front, though, the exchange is still a fighting legal battle against the New York Attorney General’s Office regarding its alleged $850 million borrowings from funds set aside to back the Tether stablecoin. ... read more
    Source: CoinfomaniaPublished on 2019-05-21By Wilfred Michael
    1 hour ago
  • Craig Wright FIiles For Copyright For Bitcoin’s Original Whitepaper
    Craig Wright, who has been the source of a lot of controversies lately has recently filed for the United States copyright registrations for the Bitcoin (BTC) white paper authored by Satoshi Nakamoto. Court documents show that the U.S. Copyright Office has registrations with Wright as the author of the white paper, as well as quite a bit of the original code used to build Bitcoin. The Australian entrepreneur has for long been claiming to be Satoshi Nakamoto the anonymous entity believed to have written the cryptocurrency blueprint under the pseudonym. As per reports from 21st of May, U.S. officials have received confirmation that Wright is indeed Satoshi Nakamoto, but the news has been met with scepticism from some crypto commentators. Jerry Brito, executive director at non-profit organisation Coin Center, tweeted: “Registering a copyright is just filing a form. The Copyright Office does not investigate the validity of the claim; they just register it. Unfortunately there is no official way to challenge a registration. If there are competing claims, the Office will just register all of them.” As per the news release, Wright is making moves in order to establish himself as Bitcoin’s creator “after being dismayed to see his original Bitcoin design bastardised by protocol developer groups.” It has ... read more
    Source: BTC WiresPublished on 2019-05-21By Rishma Banerjee
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  • Ethereum Price Analysis – ETH At $250, What Is The Next Move?
    Ethereum price $254 Key ETH resistance level $260, $271, $280, $298, $300 Key ETH support levels $247, $240, $228, $213, $200 *Price at the time of writing Ethereum has seen an impressive 30-day trading period in which price action has increased by a total of 42%. The second largest cryptocurrency has seen a further 21% increase over the past 7 trading days, allowing the current price for the coin to rise toward the $252 level. Buy/Sell Ethereum (ETH) How to buy Ethereum (ETH) on Binance? However, the bullish increase of Ethereum has started to show some signs of slowing down after reaching the resistance at around the $270 level and rolling over and falling lower. Despite this, ETH has seen a rather magnificent 110% price increase over the past 90 trading days. Ethereum price analysis What has been going on? Taking a look a the daily Ethereum price chart above, we can see that Ethereum had met resistance at the $271 level before rolling over and falling. The resistance at $271 had provided strong support for the ETH market during August 2018 and therefore is expected to provide an equal ... read more
    Source: CoinCodexPublished on 2019-05-21By Yaz Sheikh
    2 hours ago
  • Internet Data Is Disappearing — Can Blockchain Technology Save It?
    With the internet growing exponentially, our online data is disappearing. Can distributed ledger systems and blockchain technology help us to better archive and, someday, prevent the internet from permanently losing data? One often hears that what is posted online will never be deleted. However, this is far from true. In fact, users are often frustrating that their online data is disappearing — and it’s starting to become much more common. Recently, MySpace users were notified that the former social media platform had lost around 50M files uploaded between 2003 and 2015. MySpace decided that the content on its users was more important than the content uploaded by its users. Go figure! However, the problem of disappearing data goes much farther than MySpace. In fact, it’s a widespread problem that is only going to get worse. Internet Data: Expanding At An Accelerating Rate Currently, the internet accesses around 16 zettabytes of data and is growing at a rate of 70 terabytes per second. However, data is often leaked out and it’s hard to estimate how much of it goes offline — meaning it is effectively ‘lost’ forever. Massive efforts are currently underway to preserve what we can, but it seems inconceivable that ... read more
    Source: BeincryptoPublished on 2019-05-21By Anton Lucian
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  • Breaking: Bitcoin SV’s Craig S Wright Changes Nationality
    Craig Wright has officially changed his nationality, claiming he’s no longer an Australian. In a filed application to claim the authorship of Bitcoin whitepaper and source codes, the creator of Bitcoin SV, Craig Wright, for unknown reason, denounce being a citizen of Australia as known by everyone, instead claimed to be an Antiguan and Barbudan. The Australian computer scientist is looking for ways to completely gain recognition as the real Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto. Wright was bread and buttered in Australia where he attended Padua College in Brisbane, Australia and Charles Sturt University, where he got two Master’s Degree and a PhD. While he’s battling the claim at the court of Law, Craig Wright has been granted U.S. copyright as the author of Bitcoin whitepaper and source codes. Cryptocurrency experts like John McAfee are claiming the 49 year old computer programmer is not the creator of Bitcoin. McAfee, who claims to know the identity of Bitcoin’s real creator, decided not to mention the author for fear of extradition and because the real Satoshi won’t be happy if his identity is disclosed at the moment. Meanwhile Bitcoin SV is performing excellently in the cryptocurrency market. At the time of writing, the ... read more
    Source: Todays GazzetePublished on 2019-05-21By Oliver Green
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  • Bitfinex announces removal of current high frequency/size fiat withdrawal fees
    Bitfinex, one of the most controversial cryptocurrency exchanges, announced that it would be removing “current high frequency/size fiat withdrawal fees on Bitfinex”. The exchange stated that the move of providing “low-cost fiat withdrawals” was made solely for its “loyal users”. The exchange also stated that the new numbers will be updated tomorrow. The platform stated in a blog post, “Standard fiat withdrawal fees will once again apply to all verified Bitfinex users, totaling 0.1% of the amount withdrawn ($60.00 minimum). We are thankful for the support that many of our traders have shown us, and we are proud to once again be able to provide our loyal users with low-cost fiat withdrawals.” ibankbitcoins, a Twitter user said, “So one of LEO’s benefit of having better withdraw fees is now nullified, great work tho because 3% is too high.” Keeping this aside, the exchange also made another announcement today regarding its venture into the Initial Exchange Offerings [IEO] side of the market. Notably, Ethfinex, Bitfinex’s sister exchange that focuses on ERC20 tokens, will also be taking its first step into this along with Bitfinex. The exchange had stated on Twitter, “After much development to ensure a user-optimised experience, we are proud ... read more
    Source: AMB CryptoPublished on 2019-05-21By Priya
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  • CULedger expands partnership with R3 to support cross-border blockchain payments
    CryptoNinjas CULedger, a credit union-owned CUSO that focuses on delivering applications to credit unions through its cross-border DLT platform, today announced it has expanded its partnership with enterprise software firm R3 to further support domestic and cross-border payments for credit unions on the Corda... CULedger expands partnership with R3 to support cross-border blockchain payments ... read more
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  • Coinbase Commerce Adds Support for Circle’s USD Coin (USDC)
    U.S.-based Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase on May 20, 2019, announced that its merchant-oriented service Coinbase Commerce now accepts U.S. dollar-pegged stablecoin USD Coin (USDC). Coinbase Commerce Adds Support for USDC In a bid to foster the adoption of digital currencies among merchants and business owners, Coinbase Commerce has integrated Circle’s stablecoin USDC. This gives the platform’sRead MoreRead More. The post by Aisshwarya Tiwari appeared first on BTCManager, Bitcoin, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency News ... read more
    Source: BTC ManagerPublished on 2019-05-21By Aisshwarya Tiwari
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  • Ripple (XRP) add 21.7 Percent, Resistance at 40-43 cents Zone
    Ripple (XRP) ranging but the uptrend is firm XRP classification will either trigger a rally or a large-scale dump Like most liquid assets, Ripple (XRP) is consolidating, trading inside May 14th and 15th high low in a bullish breakout pattern. All the same, bulls are in pole position. As fundamentals and candlestick arrangement diverge, it is only a matter of time before prices breach 50 cents as buyers aim at 60 cents. Ripple Price Analysis Fundamentals At 39 cents, Ripple (XRP) market dominance is 6.75 percent, trailing Bitcoin and Ethereum with a market cap of $16,661 million at the time of press. Ripple (XRP) bulls have ground to cove. However, it all depends on how XRP, a medium of exchange facilitator, is viewed by regulators and most importantly, the success of xRapid. If anything, it may take years or even decades before RippleNet clip a majority of market share from SWIFT. All the same, regulators may thaw thanks to Coinbase pro decision to open up XRP trading to New York state residents. The state is stringent. Because of compliance demanding NY DFS, the move somehow confirm Ripple (XRP) is indeed a utility with no central point of control. ... read more
    Source: News BTCPublished on 2019-05-21By Dalmas Ngetich
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  • People Are Flocking to Bitcoin Exchanges Again, New Data Shows
    Bitcoin exchanges are surging in popularity during the 2019 bull-run, with Binance entering the top 1000 most popular websites in the world. Binance Reenters Top 1000 Websites Statistics from Alexa.com reveal a renaissance in exchange popularity after a lengthy bear market quashed interest. This week, Binance rose to position 913 in global rankings, marking its peak in popularity since bitcoin price 00 fell from $6500 to around $3100 in November 2018. Close behind it were other major platforms, such as Coinbase, which ranked 1258th worldwide, and Bittrex (3128). Even the embattled Bitfinex, subject to an ongoing lawsuit over $850 million in missing funds, has upped its popularity, currently sitting within the top 5000 sites. Regardless of the platform in question, the past two months since the price of bitcoin began its surge upwards have cemented a return to form for exchanges – another indicator cryptocurrency markets have definitively reversed their previous decline. The trend goes beyond exchanges. More broadly, as Bitcoinist reported, search interest in the crypto industry is returning – recently outpacing that in terms including Beyonce Knowles and US president Donald Trump. Money Pours Into Bitcoin Exchanges Meanwhile, research suggests the current ... read more
    Source: BitcoinistPublished on 2019-05-21By Esther Kim
    2 hours ago
  • Microsoft’s Daniel Buchner says open public blockchains are the most viable options to achieve decentralization
    With Bitcoin breaking into the mainstream space, the latest WhatBitcoinDid interview featured a discussion with Microsoft’s Daniel Buchner to identify the company’s outlook towards blockchain, open source, and its mass adoption. Buchner detailed Microsoft’s vision to decentralize user identity and claimed that “open public blockchains” are the most viable options to achieve the same. He also stated that “decentralized money and decentralized identity go hand-in-hand in solving problems,” but only if implemented without imposing undue weight on the blockchain. Moreover, Buchner also explained how market-type services that require some kind of centralized entity could gather user data through voluntary disclosure. In fact, Microsoft’s Project Ion would not display any personal information, ensuring no compromise on sensitive information, he added. The discussion also uncovered Microsoft’s future plans of “implementing new cryptographic schemes for recovering secrets.” Supporting this move, Buchner said, “Privacy is important so but at the same time it has to be super easy. Decentralizing entities is your choice, and we just want to make sure that people have that choice.” While further discussing Microsoft’s intention to enable total decentralization, he also added that the company’s sole motive was to reduce the overall complexity of every individual involved in it. It is clear that Microsoft ... read more
    Source: AMB CryptoPublished on 2019-05-21By Arijit Sarkar
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  • Busted Australian IT Agent Used Government Computer for Crypto Mining
    The Australian Federal Police (AFP)  in a press release today charged a 33-year-old Government employee for modifying the agency’s computer network to mine cryptocurrency for personal gain. According to the enforcement agency, the Killara (NSW) man, who held the position of an IT contractor reportedly manipulated programs to utilize the agency’s computer processing power to carry out such a dubious act and made profits of over AU$9,000 (US $6,148) from the mining operations. The Australian Police officers in a raid on the IT contractor’s home located in Sydney seized his phone, laptop, data files, and the employee ID cards, sometime in March last year. As per the release, the employee faces charges under the Criminal Code Act of the country for the following offenses: Unauthorized modification of data to cause impairment Unauthorized modification of restricted data. According to the Acting Commander and Manager Cybercrime Operations, Chris Goldsmid, abuse of public office is quite a severe matter. Australian taxpayers put their trust in public officials to perform vital roles for our community with the utmost integrity. Any alleged criminal conduct which betrays this trust for personal gain will be investigated and prosecuted,” he commented. In response to the laid ... read more
    Source: CoinfomaniaPublished on 2019-05-21By Wilfred Michael
    2 hours ago
  • Crypto exchange company Bittrex to use IdentityMind for AML support
    CryptoNinjas IdentityMind, a SaaS platform for online risk management and compliance automation, today announced that Bittrex, the US-based cryptocurrency exchange and technology platform, will be utilizing IdentityMind’s Digital Identities Platform for automated Transaction Monitoring as a core function of its AML program for both... Crypto exchange company Bittrex to use IdentityMind for AML support ... read more
    Source: CryptoNinjasPublished on 2019-05-21By CryptoNinjas
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  • Crypto Weekly Market Update: Binance IEOs Surge As BNB Reaches $30
    After a few weeks packed with news, as well as the sharp increase in Bitcoin’s price, this week was relatively quiet as the BTC rally appeared to calm down a bit. As usual, Bitcoin’s price has a strong impact on the market of the Alternative coins, which have also marked gains against the US dollar as the volume increased so notably that people started talking about the end of the crypto winter. The one question that lingers in the background is where do we go from here and whether the rally will continue to shape Bitcoin’s parabolic graph or weather this is just a bullish trap. At this stage, it remains difficult to outline what the future holds. What can be said, however, is that the market wasn’t moved by the sell-offs of the past week and despite the rapid decline, Bitcoin’s price managed to hold and returned to the levels of around $8,000. As it’s well-known, Bitcoin’s pattern of behavior is also dragging the altcoins that are recovering after a tough period. Their declines appear halted for the time being and the price of most altcoins has also increased. Moreover, we saw new all-time highs (ATH) being established against ... read more
    Source: CryptoPotatoPublished on 2019-05-21By Yoni Berger
    2 hours ago
  • Here’s Why Projects Choose Ethereum (ETH) Over Tron, EOS or Waves
    The battle for the platform that holds the key to a decentralized internet is on. The leading contender, many an expert would say, is Ethereum, but behind it are the so called “Ethereum Killers” in EOS, Tron, and Waves. These four blockchain platforms can all support DApps and smart contracts. Scalable with high throughput right but in a recent survey on 1624 DApps published by the Fluence network on Medium, a massive 87 percent of them were built on Ethereum. At least 19 percent launched from EOS while 8 percent were on Tron. Other survey results from the monitor site, StateOfTheDApps.com, reveal that EOS and Ethereum jointly produce 180 new DApps each month. A full 105 of these monthly offerings are launched on Ethereum thanks to its hyperactive community of developers. EOS, nevertheless, may have fewer DApps launched but is nevertheless famous. The EOS network is capable of a more significant transaction each second than Ethereum, which perhaps gives that technical superiority it needs to onboard more users on its DApps. It Is Battle Tested and Ready Despite this, most developers do favor Ethereum over any other platform as far as the building of innovative projects is ... read more
    Source: Ethereum World NewsPublished on 2019-05-21By Dalmas Ngetich
    2 hours ago
  • Bytecoin Completes Hardfork; New Features in Store
    Bytecoin, a privacy coin launched in 2012, completed its hardfork. The team promises that it will improve the coin’s agility and cryptographic space. In an official press release, Bytecoin states that the hardfork was non-contentious. This means that it was both pre-planned and aimed to refine the Bytecoin platform, not divide it. The developers used the new version of Amethyst software, which took in 90 percent of the blocks in a 720-block frame. Subsequently, the switch height of the blockchain was triggered and the hardfork initiated. Bytecoin notes that the hardfork was an important one, as it has “formally ushered in changes to the platform pre-packaged in the Amethyst 3.4.2 software update.” The press release also emphasizes that the hardfork has not affected Bytecoin’s maximum coin supply. Traders can use both old and new addresses to transfer the coin. Bytecoin CMO Jenny Goldberg noted that Bytecoin has been preparing for his hardfork for a long time. She says that many features will depend on its completion and adds that “this is a key development for the team and for the community.” “We feel that with the developments we’ve got coming this next stage for the platform will be marked by expansion and positive ... read more
    Source: AltcoinBuzzPublished on 2019-05-21By Lesia Dubenko
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  • Bibox Europe Official Launch on Track, Raises Equity Investment from a Global Top-10 Bank
    Bibox, the AI-enhanced encrypted digital asset exchange has announced plans to cater to European customers with the upcoming launch of Bibox Europe. Equipped with the necessary license in Europe, the company will be opening doors to the public as a fully regulated Blockchain Financial Service Institution. The company’s plan to launch a fully compliant fiat exchange has been well received by traditional institutions. It is reported that one of the largest global banks has invested in this round of fundraising of Bibox EU. According to Bibox, the platform’s European arm will provide its users with easy access to digital assets by supporting fiat to cryptocurrency brokerage service, encouraging users to build up their crypto portfolio with fiat in a convenient and effective manner. The equity investment from a reputable banking institution, combined with collaboration with multiple Swiss banks have enabled the platform to act as a bridge between traditional financial services and the new-age blockchain and crypto-based financial instruments. To begin with, Bibox Europe will be supporting fiat on-ramp with four fiat pairs, US Dollar, Euro, Pound Sterling, and Swiss Franc. The Estonia based parent company, Bibox Exchange has forged partnerships with various parties across banking, investment, insurance, and regulatory ... read more
    Source: News BTCPublished on 2019-05-21By Guest Author
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  • Illegal crypto-mining: Australian man could face 10 years in jail for illegally mining cryptocurrencies using government devices
    An unnamed man from Killara in New South Wales, Australia, is being charged by the Australian authorities for making use of government computer systems to mine cryptocurrencies for self-gain. The man, formerly an Australian government employee, worked as an IT contractor and has been accused of converting government computers into cryptocurrency mining devices. The man made himself more than A$9,000, according to an announcement by Australian Federal Police. The charges he is likely to face are the unauthorized modification of data to cause impairment and unauthorized modification of restrictive data. The charges, if proven in court, can result in a maximum of ten and two years of imprisonment, respectively. According to Acting Commander Chris Goldsmid, “Australian taxpayers put their trust in public officials to perform vital roles for our community with the utmost integrity…. Any alleged criminal conduct which betrays this trust for personal gain will be investigated and prosecuted.” Since cryptocurrency mining requires large amounts of electricity to run the corresponding mining equipment, government computers were specifically targeted by the accused individual. However, this is not the first time government resources have been used for illegal crypto-mining purposes. Xu Xinghua, a Chinese man, was previously caught using electricity from a ... read more
    Source: AMB CryptoPublished on 2019-05-21By Sarvesh Kumar
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  • Why Ethereum (ETH) Is Primed For Its Deadliest Fall In Months
    Ethereum (ETH) is primed for its deadliest fall in months as all key indicators point to extremely bearish outlook. The weekly chart for ETH/USD shows a strong bearish divergence on the RSI that confirms. The trend line resistance shown on the RSI has been rejected and the RSI is expected to fall further in the days and weeks ahead. Similarly, the price has faced a strong rejection near the Ichimoku cloud on the weekly chart and is now ready to fall towards the bottom of the ascending channel it is trading in. Interestingly, this ascending channel forms part of a large bear flag that could see the price fall lower than our previously stated target of $60 per coin by the end of the year. Recently, over $7 million worth of Ethereum (ETH) were hacked and transferred to an unknown wallet. At this point, Ethereum (ETH) is not short of catalysts that could push the price off a cliff. The number of ICO scams has been on a steady rise with Bitconnect making its entry again in July, 2019. It is clear that the SEC is going to have to step in at some point before serious damage is done ... read more
    Source: CryptodailyPublished on 2019-05-21By Jefe Caan
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  • BTC is tracking USD/Yuan exchange rate, says Forbes analyst
    As the Bitcoin rally continues, many observers are looking for broader fundamental explanations for it. An increasingly popular one is that the BTC price could be correlated with the USD/Yuan exchange rate. ... read more
    Source: ChepicapPublished on 2019-05-21
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  • Bitcoin (BTC) Has Surged Three Times in 2019. What About Ethereum (ETH), XRP, EOS, and Bitcoin Cash (BCH)?
    Throughout 2019, Bitcoin (BTC) has returned to a bull market. After starting the year at under $4000, the price spiked—reaching levels over $8000 throughout May. Other cryptocurrencies have followed suit and seen their own impressive gains. However, these gains have not been sporadic. Throughout the year-to-date, there have been three noticeable surges. In this analysis, we examine each of these surges and compare the price gains of Bitcoin against the four altcoins with the largest current market capitalization. These are: Ethereum (ETH) XRP (XRP) EOS (EOS) Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Bitcoin’s First Surge (Feb 8-25) The price of BTC/USD is analyzed at six-hour intervals from Feb 8 – Feb 25 alongside the price of ETH (Purple), XRP (Yellow), EOS (Blue) and BCH (Green) in the graph below. It is during this period that BTC and the altcoins saw the first surge of 2019. It was characterized by several rapid spikes and dips along a gradual uptrend. On February 8, the price of Bitcoin reached a low of $3425.3. An upward move began, which culminated with a high of $4282.4 on Feb 25. A second upward move began on Feb 8. A period of consolidation ensued, which ... read more
    Source: BeincryptoPublished on 2019-05-21By Valdrin Tahiri
    3 hours ago
  • ChainLink Mainnet Launch In Nine Days: LINK Investment Analysis
    The ChainLink (LINK) mainnet is launching on May 30th. Using our previous mainnet analysis, we can examine the trading patterns that have characterized similar events in the past. These data are only based on historical mainnet returns, and in no way guarantee that LINK will perform in a similar manner. They do not account for the fundamental strength of the project, nor its suitability for its stated purpose. LINK announced that they’d be launching their mainnet on May 14th:  
    LINK price May 14th, 2019   Since then, the price of LINK has increased by 50% relative to BTC in just six days:  
    LINK price May 20th, 2019   It’s worth noting that the 50% jump in price may have also been influenced by a cryptocurrency investment analysis company, which issued a buy-signal on LINK on May 16th at 4pm EST. The signal pumped the coin an additional 18% in a few hours. Three weeks ago, our team aggregated a data set to analyze the price changes of 28 popular cryptocurrencies which launched mainnets between 2017 and 2019. We concluded that the most profitable strategy was a variation in which the investor buys the coin 30 days ... read more
    Source: Crypto BriefingPublished on 2019-05-21By Zach Wheeler
    3 hours ago
  • Hedge Fund Execs Predict Bitcoin Price will Close 2019 at $9,659
    The bitcoin price has surged a little above 114 percent in 2019 so far. But, according to a new poll, the cryptocurrency has extra fuel to sustain its upside action further. US comparison website Finder surveyed ten FinTech capitalists, including executives from hedge funds Arca and BitBull Capital, on Friday. The portal found that a majority of them expected that bitcoin would pullback from its recently tested $8,000-level. However, they forecasted a strong rebound in June, which would push the cryptocurrency’s rate to as high as $9,659 by the end of this year. Why So Bullish Prices of bitcoin rose impressively in 2019 following an 85 percent depreciation the previous year. The April and May trading session alone saw a 50 percent appreciation in the bitcoin rate, having risen from $4,000 to above $8,000. At the same time, mainstream financial markets underperformed owing to escalating economic tensions between the US and China.
    The surge in $BTC continues as the mounting fear about war with China drives US investors to look for safety, The only asset to outperform is the non correlated #Bitcoin, proving again that all $USD denominated assets such as stoc…https://t.co/j3Y1wz9hsc https://t.co/evkI9yIozO — Alex Mashinsky (@Mashinsky) ... read more
    Source: News BTCPublished on 2019-05-21By Davit Babayan
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  • BNB Price Hits New All-Time High as Binance Posts Mysterious Tweet
    Coinspeaker BNB Price Hits New All-Time High as Binance Posts Mysterious TweetThe unbelievable price growth for Binance Coin (BNB) that currently occupies the seventh position in the list of the largest world’s cryptocurrency by market capitalization, has continued in May.Till the fifth month of 2019 the currency’s all-time high used to be $24.50 which was observed in January 2018. Nevertheless, a year later, on January 1, 2019, the price for Binance Coin was at the level of $6. It means that over the course of 12 months, BNB had lost more than 75 percent of its value.However, it’s necessary to admit that Binance Coin was not the only coin in the market that was suffering from the bearish trend. The entire market was affected by its negative impact. 2018 was named “the crypto winter” by traders and investors who were gradually losing their hope for the bright future for Bitcoin and altcoins, as some popular assets fell 90 percent or even more in their value.BNB Price GrowthBut now the crypto space has much more positive news. On May 19, BNB made headlines having crossed the $29 level which at that moment became its new all-time high and marked the gains ... read more
    Source: CoinspeakerPublished on 2019-05-21By Julia Sakovich
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  • SEC delays VanEck Bitcoin ETF decision, Ripple CEO on crypto’s future and more
    Crypto News – 21 May – SEC delays VanEck Bitcoin ETF decision, Ripple CEO on crypto’s future and more Don’t forget to follow us for our daily videos#RIPPLEARMY #ripplenews #bitcoin #abnamro #VanEck #CryptoNews #abnamro #bitcoins #SEC #cryptocurrency pic.twitter.com/ZsHEt0cw1C — AMBCrypto (@CryptoAmb) 21 May 2019 Daily Crypto News – May 21 1) TD Ameritrade invests in Eris-X: According to an official announcement, the organization revealed that they had made an investment in ErisX, a company which is planning to offer both cryptocurrency spot contracts and future contracts in a single exchange. Read more at https://bit.ly/2w7Udiu 2) Tron DApps achieve new feat: Compared to Ethereum [ETH] and EOS, Tron registered a higher number of new users and active users. It noted 60k new users, while Ethereum reported 25K and EOS reported 9k. The active users on Tron’s DApps platform were 172k, followed by EOS with 170k and ETH with 54k. Read more at https://bit.ly/2M0a4dN 3) Tron Weekly Report: The report said that the foundation had tested the block broadcast optimization solution, and the optimization solution for energy deduction in transaction failure. However, the Foundation was still working on the on-chain rate of transactions, which were broadcasted by GPRC. Read ... read more
    Source: AMB CryptoPublished on 2019-05-21By Febin Jose
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  • Craig Wright Is Playing Three-Dimensional Checkers
    Craig Wrights efforts to copyright the Bitcoin archives are genius in a very special way. ... read more
    Source: CoindeskPublished on 2019-05-21By John Biggs
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  • Seoul Mayor still Bullish on Blockchain for Smart City Initiatives
    South Korean news outlet Queen.co.kr reported May 20, 2019, that the Seoul city mayor Park Won-soon during the ‘Korea Future Forum & Blockchain Tech Show’ highlighted the use of blockchain and Ai in recording and storing data. He also spoke of his plans to integrate the blockchain authentication system in Seoul’s citizen card. Better ServicesRead MoreRead More. The post by Mohammad Musharraf appeared first on BTCManager, Bitcoin, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency News ... read more
    Source: BTC ManagerPublished on 2019-05-21By Mohammad Musharraf
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