• Former user said to receive an email from Mt. Gox regarding repayment
    Former user received an email notification about repayment from Mt. Gox, the veracity of the email is unconfirmed. ... read more
    Source: ChepicapPublished on 2019-04-23
    3 hours ago
  • Bitcoin Surges Past $5,600 as Crypto Markets Approach New 2019 High
    Crypto markets starting to surge; Bitcoin breaks resistance, Cardano cranking, Tezos climbing and DigixDAO getting fomo. Market Wrap As the week progresses crypto markets are looking stronger. Bitcoin is pulling them all up as it breaks through resistance to form a new 2019 high. Market capitalization is ramping up to do the same as it surges upwards of $180 billion again. Bitcoin did what many had been waiting for over the past week – break resistance and surge to $5,640 according to TradingView. In typical fashion this happened within about an hour during the Asia trading session late this morning. The move puts BTC up almost 7 percent today as that fabled ‘golden cross’ finally comes into play. Next stop will be $6,000 if the momentum can continue in Europe and the US today.
    Good stuff. Golden cross and all. $BTC pic.twitter.com/KX3LKkyFKv — Alex Krüger (@krugermacro) April 23, 2019 Ethereum has been a lot slower to react and has only moved a couple of percent to just below $175 again. It is likely to move higher on the BTC momentum though as the day progresses, getting a boost from its big brother. The altcoins are all ... read more
    Source: News BTCPublished on 2019-04-23By Martin Young
    4 hours ago
  • Blockchain Art Registry Receives Over $7 Million in Series A Funding
    Artory, a blockchain-based art registry, has successfully raised over $7 million in Series A funding. Notably, one of the investors is an early Spotify investor who contributed significantly to the funding. Nanne Dekking, founded the project Artory, which allows users to track provenance and title data, and also the record sales of works of art. The project was started back in 2016 and it’s aim is to “protect and grow the prosperity and enjoyment of those who buy, own, and sell art.” The funds secured by Artory will be utilized in improving the functinality of the platform and improving the registry’s data, according to founder Nanne Dekking. He said that they “are building something that has to be vetted, accurate and easily searchable to show the depth of information behind every artwork.” In the Series A funding, the project raised $7.3 million from a group of investors, including private investing firm 2020 Ventures. What’s interesting is that 2020 Ventures has earlier supported Swedish audio streaming platform Spotify, American logistics company Postmates, and luxury goods resale platform The RealReal. They definitely have quite a successful history when it comes to investments. David Williams, the general partner of 2020 Ventures, has made a ... read more
    Source: BTC WiresPublished on 2019-04-23By Sumedha Bose
    4 hours ago
  • Tron’s Justin Sun Leads Ethereum’s Vitalik ‘Non-Giver of Ether’ On Twitter
    Justin Sun currently leads Ethereum’s Vitalik in terms of the number of followers of twitter. While Vitalik has adopted a strict no giveaway policy, Justin Sun has been promoting Tron on a large scale with lucrative incentives. The Tron Foundation under Justin Sun has adopted aggressive marketing strategies to promote the use of USDT Tron and also increase the presence of Tron on social media platforms. Tron Foundation had announced a systematic giveaway of $20 million to USDT early adopters. The campaign is running now as USDT-Tron holders are earning interest from their holdings. Recently, it announced the winner of the brand new BMW Mini-Cooper of the USDT Car Lottery. The winner of the lottery also received 8888 TRX tokens apart from the $30000 car. Earlier Justin Sun had also given out a Tesla to promote the USDT-Tron. “To celebrate #BTT & #USDT–#TRON success, I am planning a $20m free cash airdrop. Good news-it’s coming, bad news-I may decide to give away more! First, I will randomly pick 1 winner for a #Tesla up until 3/27! To apply, follow me and RT this tweet! Simple! #Blockchain” Justin Sun Has More Followers Than Vitalik Moreover, the campaign under the Tron Foundations ... read more
    Source: CoinGapePublished on 2019-04-23By Nivesh Rustgi
    4 hours ago
  • Crypto Market, Bitcoin Surging: Bitcoin Cash, ADA, Litecoin (LTC), TRX Analysis
    The total crypto market cap bounced back after testing the $167.5B level. Bitcoin price rallied to a new 2019 high above the $5,500 resistance level. Litecoin (LTC) price is currently consolidating above the $75.00 support area. Bitcoin cash price is slowly moving higher towards the $295 and $300 resistance levels. Tron (TRX) price is currently struggling and it could test the $0.0245 support area. Cardano (ADA) price rallied recently and broke the $0.0750 and $0.0760 resistance levels. The crypto market cap is climbing steadily, with bullish moves in bitcoin (BTC), Cardano (ADA) and Ethereum (ETH). Ripple, litecoin (LTC), bitcoin cash, TRX, XLM and BNB could extend gains. Bitcoin Cash Price Analysis Bitcoin cash price corrected lower and tested the $280 support area against the US Dollar. The BCH/USD pair is currently recovering and recently broke the $290 resistance levels. On the upside, an immediate resistance is at $295, above which the price could face hurdles near the $300 level. On the downside, the $290 level is a decent support. If buyers lose control again, there is a risk of a fresh decrease towards the $282 or $280 support level. Cardano (ADA), Litecoin (LTC) and Tron (TRX) Price Analysis ... read more
    Source: News BTCPublished on 2019-04-23By Aayush Jindal
    4 hours ago
  • Ethereum (ETH) Price Looks Set To Break $175-$180
    ETH price corrected lower and tested the $165-166 support area against the US Dollar. The price bounced back and recently broke the $169 and $170 resistance levels. There is a key ascending channel in place with support at $170 on the hourly chart of ETH/USD (data feed via Kraken). The pair is likely to accelerate higher and it could soon break the $175 and $176 resistance levels. Ethereum price is holding the ground versus the US Dollar and bitcoin. ETH seems to be following a bullish path and it may accelerate above the $175 resistance in the near term. Ethereum Price Analysis Recently, we saw a sharp downside correction in Ethereum price from the $178 swing high against the US Dollar. The ETH/USD pair broke the $170 support level and traded close to the $165 support area. A swing low was formed at $166 and the price bounced back in the past three sessions. There was a break above the $169 and $170 resistance levels, pushing the price back in a positive zone. The price even settled above the $170 level and the 100 hourly simple moving average. The bulls pushed the price above the 50% Fib retracement ... read more
    Source: News BTCPublished on 2019-04-23By Aayush Jindal
    4 hours ago
  • EOS Price Approaching Next Key Break Versus USD, BTC and ETH
    EOS price dipped recently after it failed to stay above the $5.320 support against the US Dollar. EOS is correcting lower and it seems to be preparing for the next break versus USD, BTC and ETH. Key Talking Points EOS price recently dipped steadily towards the key $5.000 support area (Data feed of Kraken) against the US Dollar.There is a key bullish trend line formed with support at $5.070 on the 4-hours chart.The price must break the $5.380 resistance and the 100 simple moving average (4-hours) to climb higher. EOS Price Analysis Recently, there was a downside correction in EOS and other cryptocurrencies (bitcoin, ripple, Ethereum and litecoin) against the US Dollar. EOS price dipped below the $5.400 and $5.220 support levels to enter a short term bearish zone. The chart above indicates that EOS price even settled below the $5.400 level and the 100 simple moving average (4-hours). It traded close to the key $5.000 support level and formed a low at $5.004. Finally, there was a recovery above the $5.150 level and the 23.6% Fib retracement level of the last drop from the $5.634 high to $5.004 low. However, the price seems to be facing a ... read more
    Source: Ethereum World NewsPublished on 2019-04-23By Aayush Jindal
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  • (BCH) Bitcoin Cash Price Prediction 2019 / 2020 / 5 Years (Updated 04/22/19): BCH/USD Falling Further?
    If you want to read a summary of our most recent short-term Bitcoin Cash (BCH) price analysis and predictions click here. Bitcoin Cash was born on Aug 1, 2017, when Bitcoin (BTC) hardforked. There have been many Bitcoin hard forks, but Bitcoin Cash remains the most well-known. It was developed to increase Bitcoin’s block size. This would allow more transactions to be held within each block. In turn, more transactions could be processed in a shorter period of time with lower fees. This seemed like a reasonable solution to the scalability problem which has plagued Bitcoin since its birth. However, there were many who believed that Bitcoin should not change. There is evidence to support their claim. Bitcoin still has the highest market cap and remains the dominant cryptocurrency despite many hard forks. UPDATED NEWS: Amaury Setchet Becomes the Second Developer to Quit Working on Bitcoin Unlimited, a Software Client for Bitcoin Cash Full Nodes. On the contrary, Bitcoin Cash experienced a contentious hard fork in 2018—around a year after the initial Bitcoin hard fork causing losses to price and market cap. Furthermore, the Bitcoin Lightning Network promises another solution to the ... read more
    Source: BeincryptoPublished on 2019-04-23By Alexander Fred
    5 hours ago
  • DigixDAO Trading Exploded on Binance Exchange – DAO/USD spikes 38%
    After a bearish Monday, Another minor growth has occurred as crypto markets retreat from previous losses. It seem that many coins are struggling to gain back the momentum while few altcoins are enjoying the major uptrend. Losses are primarily few altcoins as total market capitalization drops back below $180 billion again but remains in its range bound channel. Bitcoin is currently trading at $5,405.61 with 2% gains. Market is currently being held up by BTC with few coins having commendable growth. DigixDAO is leading altcoin among the Top 100 in terms of gains. According to coinmarketcap, the nano coin has increased 38.77% against USD and trading at $35.94 USD. In term of DGD/BTC  and DGD/ETH the price surged up to 34.90% and 36.44%  with trading value 0.00666699 BTC and 0.20945670 ETH respectively . Currently, the coin has entered in the top 100’s and is ranking in 81st position, holding market cap $71,883,846 USD   with $27,618,772 USD 24 hour volume and 2,000,000 DGD circulating supply. DigixDAO Traded High on Binance Exchange On the closure of volume, In the recent months, According to the daily trends record the coin was trading as low as $90,000.On April 22nd the  trade ... read more
    Source: CoinpediaPublished on 2019-04-23By Qadir AK
    5 hours ago
  • Crypto-Market Update: Bitcoin Breaks above $5400 As Alts ETH, LTC and XRP Begins to Decouple
    Bitcoin broke the $5400 mark on 22nd April 2019. Bitcoin [BTC] which broke $5000 on 2nd April 2019 completed three weeks while maintaining the $5000 as support. The price of Bitcoin [BTC] at UTC on 23rd April is trading at $5395. The percent dominance of Bitcoin over the cryptocurrency market also increased by more than 1% on a daily scale. Therefore, while the altcoins have been the better performing then Bitcoin since the beginning of the year, Bitcoin [BTC] still seems to be dictating terms of the entire market. The total market capitalization of the cryptocurrency market is $20 billion short of $200 billion. It broke the $200 billion mark on the downside on November 14th, 2018. BTC/USD 1-Day Chart on Coinbase (Tradingview) The ‘Golden Cross’ of the 200-Day Moving Average with the 50-Day Moving average is also coming to realization. The intersection will be a decisive moment for BTC and cryptocurrency markets to finally confirm the bull or move downwards again. Litecoin [LTC] Decoupled From Bitcoin? Litecoin [LTC] was trading in the red over the weekend as the price broke below $80 dollar on April 21, 2019. The ‘Golden cross’ on Litecoin occurred on 15th March, the price is ... read more
    Source: CoinGapePublished on 2019-04-23By Nivesh Rustgi
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  • Bitcoin Grinds Higher, Will The Golden Cross Send BTC to $6k?
    For the past seven days Bitcoin has been slowly grinding higher and recording higher lows. The trend has clearly been ascending and current bullish price formations, plus the imminent ‘golden cross’, indicate higher moves could be on the cards. At the time of writing BTC was trading at $5,425 according to Tradingview.com. It equaled the 2019 high of $5,450 a few hours ago and all signals are screaming ‘buy’ on the trading chart website. Market dominance for Bitcoin has also reached a two month high as it rules over the altcoins. All eyes are on the magical ‘golden cross’ which should occur today or tomorrow according to this chart. Bitcoin price YTD – tradingview.com When the 50 day moving average crosses the 200 day it is seen as a clear signal of trend reversal. There are three stages to this pattern which is the opposite of the ‘death cross’. Firstly the downtrend must bottom out indicating that selling has been depleted. In the second stage, where we are right now, the shorter moving average forms a crossover up through the larger moving average to trigger a breakout and confirmation of trend reversal. The third stage is continuation of the ... read more
    Source: Ethereum World NewsPublished on 2019-04-23By Luke Thompson
    6 hours ago
  • Blockchain art registry secures $7mln in funding round from major investors
    Artory, a art registry startup with a blockchain backbone, has raised over $7 million in a Series A funding round from some heavy hitting investors, according to the publication Art Newspaper on April 22. ... read more
    Source: ChepicapPublished on 2019-04-23
    6 hours ago
  • Encryption Techniques Used in Many Cryptocurrency Wallets are Designed to Provide Increased Levels of Security to its Users!
    As per a detailed article by Binance Academy entitled ‘Symmetric vs. Asymmetric Encryption,’ cryptographic frameworks are divided into two noteworthy fields of study, called as symmetric and asymmetric cryptography. While symmetric encryption is frequently denoted as similar to symmetric cryptography, asymmetric cryptography supports two essential advantages, such as asymmetric encryption and digital signature. Encryption and […] The post Encryption Techniques Used in Many Cryptocurrency Wallets are Designed to Provide Increased Levels of Security to its Users! appeared first on CryptoNewsZ. ... read more
    Source: CryptoNewsZPublished on 2019-04-23By Ankita Baruah
    6 hours ago
  • Greenspoon Marder- business law firm launches blockchain practice division
    Business law firm with 26 different locations across the United States, Greenspoon Marder, announces the release of their Blockchain, Digital Assets and Technology Transactions practice group via a press release on their website. ... read more
    Source: ChepicapPublished on 2019-04-23
    7 hours ago
  • Federal Reserve Policies Will Drastically Drive Gold Prices Up, Says Top Analyst
    Gold prices have seen their lowest levels of the year this past week, but analysts are predicting that won’t last long. Gold is oversold, according to Standard Chartered’s Suki Cooper — who believes that the price of precious metals is set for massive gains before the end of the year. Her prediction is based on the current trajectory of the Federal Reserve’s tightening policies in recent months. After nine consecutive rate hikes, tightening has slowed drastically — leaving the Federal Reserve in shaking territory. Will The Price of Gold Spike? Traditionally, prices of gold have gone up when the Fed has begun to move from a tightening stance to an easing position. This is due to the overall market feeling that a recession is looming. In fact, of the past 13 tightening cycles, 75 percent have led to a subsequent recession or depression. These cycles tend to produce a fear of loss in risk-averse investors, leading them to pursue safe-haven assets like gold. Because of its commodity status and lack of connection to governmental control, gold provides a hedge against substantial losses as the market corrects. Gold Investors: Seeking Protection, Driving Prices As the economy nears ... read more
    Source: BeincryptoPublished on 2019-04-23By Jon Buck
    7 hours ago
  • Coinbase closes its Political Action Committee, never raised any money
    It has been reported by Coindesk that popular exchange Coinbase has filed its intent to shut down its Political Action Committee (PAC). According to the filing, during the 10 month life of the PAC it raised no money and by extension supported no candidates. ... read more
    Source: ChepicapPublished on 2019-04-23
    8 hours ago
  • Vitalik Buterin Proposes Updated Staking Reward for Ethereum
    Vitalik Buterin has put forth a proposal to increase the staking reward for Ethereum in the upcoming implementation of Proof of Stake (PoS). In a post to GitHub published on April 20, the Ethereum co-founder shared his opinion on the amount of ETH that should be paid out in staking once the currency switches to PoS. According to Buterin, that amount should be higher than what has previously be proposed. Ethereum, like Bitcoin and Litecoin, operates on a Proof of Work algorithm that requires computing power in the form of miners to validate transactions. Users pay a fee to miners to initiate coin transactions, while miners also participate in the minting of new coins at regular intervals. However, PoW has its drawbacks. For one, it incentivizes massive mining pools that are able to achieve profitability by generating a disproportionate amount of the network’s hasing power. Large mining pools also increases the competition for mined coin rewards and transaction fees, leading to an overall increase in the computing power contributing to the network. The end result is a massive investment of resources, in the form of both electricity and processors. Proof of Stake is one method for ... read more
    Source: Ethereum World NewsPublished on 2019-04-23By Michael Lavere
    8 hours ago
  • Paid Trolls Creating Controversy and Tribalism in Cryptocurrency Ecosystems?
    On April 22, a Reddit user named jessquit elaborated the issue of paid trolls on social media platforms in the cryptocurrency space. On the official Reddit forum named r/BTC, the user wrote about how the environment on social media has changed across the past year. The post read: “About a year ago it was nonstop bcash parrot trolls. Then around six months ago all the trolls magically became pro BSV trolls. Now the BSV and bcash trolling has taken a new turn trying to discredit BCH as an “outright scam” because we continue to rightly claim BCH is Bitcoin: a Peer-to-peer Electronic Cash System.” Here, another user called Calm_down_stupid engaged to discuss the nature of such trolls. The Redditor stated that the paid comments seem to go in cycles while all of them unanimously thrust upon the same points. Hence, this pattern makes it evident that multiple handles have been paid to opine in singularity. Also Read: Shop on Amazon and Buy Dominos’ Pizza Through Bitcoin Becomes a Reality Citing specific example, the same user wrote that the hate for Bitcoin Cash community by the Bitcoin community has been deliberately fostered. More importantly, Calm_down_stupid propagated that it could also be because the ... read more
    Source: CoinGapePublished on 2019-04-23By Priyamvada Singh
    8 hours ago
  • Chart shows Bitcoin still dominates over altcoins for return on investment
    It has been reported by Bitcoinist that a new chart, put out by DataLight, has been making the rounds that shows a comparison between the return on investment (ROI) between Bitcoin (BTC) and many of the major altcoins. The result? Bitcoin wins. ... read more
    Source: ChepicapPublished on 2019-04-23
    8 hours ago
  • Is Digital Currency The Answer To Crimea? Presidential Advisor of Russia Answers
    An adviser to the President of Russia has recently proposed that the country adopt a digital currency in Crimea in order to attract investors and avoid sanctions, local news agency TASS reports April 19. Sergey Glazyev, advisor to Russian Premier Vladimir Putin on issues of regional economic integration, emphasised that the government should look to adopting “digital money technologies” so as to reduce “cross-border barriers,” the official said at the Yalta International Economic Forum (YIEF). Glazyev feels that the adoption of digital currencies will result in a sharp reduction of cross-border barriers” and will thus attract foreign investors who “are afraid of sanctions,” which are “generally carried out through the banks.” The official reportedly elaborated that digital money such as stablecoins, which are pegged to gold or other physical assets, are able to “pass the border, and cannot be hampered by sanctions.” Glazyev also suggested the creation of a “stable digital token” that would be pegged to cost per square meter in Crimea to raise funds for the large-scale construction of health resorts. As per TASS, the Republic of Crimea has become the first region in Russia regarding the proportion of investments in the gross regional product (GRP). In a speech that he recently delivered, Glazyev reiterated his positive stance on blockchain technology. In ... read more
    Source: BTC WiresPublished on 2019-04-23By Rishma Banerjee
    8 hours ago
  • Analyzing bitcoin’s break above $4200, is it a trap?
    The break of the $4,200 resistance level represented a pivot point for bitcoin. Many respected analysts believe the bottom is in for BTC, while a few others predict it could sustain more losses. Whether the former or the latter is right, it’s noticeable that optimism is growing among investors as the market continues to surge—the perfect conditions for a bull trap.
    I surveyed notable influencers, analysts and traders for their probability that the bottom is in for this bear market. Here are the results: 95% @woonomic (Adaptive Capital / On-chain Analyst)90% @jespow (Kraken founder)90% @arjunblj (Analyst)85% @novogratz (Galaxy Digital) — Willy Woo (@woonomic) April 22, 2019 Respected Analysts Predict the Bottom Since the week of Feb. 4, 2019, bitcoin has been going through a bull rally that has taken it from $3,400 to approximately $5,500 after hitting a December low of $3,200. Peter Brandt, a 40-years-trading veteran, suggested this is a sign of a new “parabolic phase.
    Either from Dec '18 low or from retest of same (circa analog dbl bottom in 2015) it would not surprise me if $BTC enters a new parabolic phase. $btcusd pic.twitter.com/XV89Qz7P4n — Peter Brandt (@PeterLBrandt) April 5, ... read more
    Source: CryptoslatePublished on 2019-04-23By Victor Charles
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  • Technion Israel Institute of Technology suing its professor for alleged IP theft
    An Isreali institute is suing one of its professors for allegedly using the space’s technology and ideas for his own side work. Shady Practice The Technion Israel Institute of Technology is the business in question, accusing Professor Eli Ben-Sasson of violation of intellectual property. This case is going through the Haifa District Court. It appears that the professor created a company called Starkware with another student who attends the institute. The suit assumes that “the intellectual property on which the company was founded was developed using grants received at the Technion.” Starkware utilizes zero-proof technology to increase scalability within blockchain technology. Scalability ensures users can buy Bitcoin quickly on top of other assets. The group places emphasis on encryption, and it seems that Starkware came to be with resources provided by the institute. Some of these resources consist of millions in the local currency provided by the group. The Technion also accuses Ben-Sasson of building a company while straight up ignoring the institute’s IP rules. Overall, the group is looking to convert half of Sasson’s shares back to their ownership: “Starkware Industries did not use or intend to use an invention belonging to the Technion. The company has raised millions of ... read more
    Source: Inside BitcoinsPublished on 2019-04-23By Max Moeller
    8 hours ago
  • Bulls Beware: Maximum Pain Scenario Could Push Bitcoin’s Price Lower in Coming Days
    The crypto markets have incurred overwhelmingly bullish price action over the past several weeks that appears to have confirmed many analyst’s belief that $3,200 truly is a long-term bottom for Bitcoin (BTC). The recent price action has drastically shifted overall market sentiment, and many investors are growing increasingly bullish with each new day. Despite this shift, one highly-respected analyst laid out what he believes is a realistic “maximum pain scenario” for Bitcoin, explaining that it may surge to above $6,000 before incurring significant selling pressure that pushes it lower. Bitcoin (BTC) Solidifies Position in $5,300 Range  At the time of writing, Bitcoin is trading up less than 1% at its current price of $5,330, up from 24-hour lows of $5,260. After incurring some light selling pressure during this past Sunday, Bitcoin has been able to continue climbing higher and appears to have firmly solidified its position in the $5,300 region, just slightly below its historically established resistance level that is exists at $5,400. Over a one-week period, BTC is up significantly from its lows of $5,020, which were set last Monday. The cryptocurrency is currently trading just a hair below its seven-day highs of roughly $5,360, which were set earlier ... read more
    Source: News BTCPublished on 2019-04-23By Cole Petersen
    9 hours ago
  • Bitcoin [BTC]: Westeros welcomes crypto; BTC faucet announces crypto-betting on Game of Thrones
    HBO’s Game of Thrones hysteria has taken a whole new meaning, with many on social media guessing how the popular series would end. Even as uncertainty looms over Westeros, fans can now predict who sits on the Iron Throne at the end of the season. FreeBitco.in, a Bitcoin [BTC] faucet announced the incorporation of betting onto its platform for its registered users to bet Bitcoins on sporting events like English Premier League and UEFA Champions League, as well as GoT. Over the years, Bitcoin [BTC] has plunged into a diverse set of spheres and Game of Thrones is the latest pop culture phenomenon to be hit by the virtual currency wave. With a user base of over 18 million, this is one of the many innovative ways that the virtual currency has been deployed in the mainstream media. The total prize pool for Game of Thrones was around 1.532005 BTC, at press time. The betting pool also has a time multiplier, implying a reducing reward share as time passes. At press time, 45% of all bets had been placed under the name of Jon Snow/Jon Stark/Jon Targaryen/Aegon Targaryen, sixth of his name. The ‘Bast*rd of Wintefell’ was followed by an unknown ... read more
    Source: AMB CryptoPublished on 2019-04-23By Chayanika Deka
    9 hours ago
  • Does Cryptocurrency Need Government’s Help?
    We know that cryptocurrencies are nothing but digital currencies built on a decentralized, peer-to-peer format and secured with cryptographic algorithms. Now, considering that these were essentially meant to be decentralized, to exist outside the ambit of centralized control, the role of the government with regard to crypto becomes quite dicey. However, despite issues of incompatibility between cryptocurrencies and governments, some governments have been brave enough to take on the world of crypto with adequate equanimity but the question remains: what is the role of crypto in all of this? Does cryptocurrency need government’s help to survive? You May Also Read: Cryptocurrency Trading, In A Layman’s Terms Crypto and Governments: A Brief History As we have already mentioned, crypto and governments have a tenuous bond. This is because crypto is premised upon the notion of decentralization and any government tries to control its currency flow by means of a “central” bank. This tends to bring in a very fundamental conflict in the sphere of cryptocurrencies. This also makes governments somewhat suspicious if crypto in general. Despite all of this, some governments have taken the initiative to work with crypto. A prime example of a this is Venezuela, which came out with ... read more
    Source: BTC WiresPublished on 2019-04-23By Rushali Shome
    9 hours ago
  • Disney in talks with company that owns Bitstamp, Korbit exchanges
    It has been revealed by The Daily Hodl that global entertainment leader Disney has been apparently in talks with the company NXC, which owns the largest video game publisher in South Korea, as well as two major cryptocurrency exchanges: Bitstamp and Korbit. ... read more
    Source: ChepicapPublished on 2019-04-23
    9 hours ago
  • Bitcoin Is “Exhausted,” Bulls Aren’t Ready Just Yet, Traders Warn
    Bitcoin Could Soon See Pullback While Bitcoin (BTC) just recently broke past $5,400, some analysts are sure that the cryptocurrency market isn’t ready to move higher just yet. In a recent Trading View post, Magic Poop Cannon, suggested that Bitcoin is “exhausted” and is ready to see a large 15% to 20% pullback if historical trends hold any value. Magic explained that BTC’s current price action, 50-week exponential moving average, 50- and 200-day simple moving averages, Fibonacci retracement levels, and Relative Strength Index (RSI) are all looking eerily similar in structure to that seen in mid-July 2015. For those not versed in Bitcoin’s historical market cycles, mid-July 2015 is when BTC rallied after a capitulation event, but then subsequently fell near its lows as a breakout failed. Thus, Magic concluded that if BTC is to follow historical precedent, its 50-day and 200-day simple moving averages will form a golden cross by the end of April, trade from $5,000 to $5,300 until May 7th, and will then collapse to its 0.618 Fibonacci retracement, which currently sits at $4,025. He adds that those who believe that BTC will skyrocket past $6,000, which Bitcoin tested for months before breaking under, are ... read more
    Source: Ethereum World NewsPublished on 2019-04-23By Nick Chong
    10 hours ago
  • Could Ripple (XRP) Finally Break Out Of The Yearlong Symmetrical Triangle?
    Ripple (XRP) has been trading inside a long symmetrical triangle that extends all the way to early 2018. RSI on the daily time frame shows that the price is ready for a strong move to the upside that might lead to XRP/USD retesting the trend line resistance if not breaking past it. A lot of investors and analysts also have their eyes on the golden cross that could come to fruition as the 50 day moving average cross above the 200 day moving average. So far the probability of a golden cross remains low but if BTC/USD continues to trade sideways, we might see altcoins rally in the meanwhile. The price of Ripple (XRP) has been trading sideways for the most part since the beginning of the year. XRP/USD started to decline in December, 2018 and found a temporary bottom around the end of January, 2019. After that, it has been trading sideways for the most part without consequence. Ripple (XRP) did try to rally towards the trend line resistance before but was stopped at the 200 day EMA and had to retrace back to the 50 day EMA. Currently, it is trading close to the 50 day EMA and ... read more
    Source: CryptodailyPublished on 2019-04-23By Jefe Caan
    10 hours ago
  • Vitalik proposes increase in staking rewards for Proof of Stake upgrade
    It has been reported by Cointelegraph that Vitalik Buterin has proposed an increase in the stake reward that will be integral to the soon to be implemented Proof of Stake system that Ethereum will be adopting. Many in the community found the proposed increase to be favorable to the current model. ... read more
    Source: ChepicapPublished on 2019-04-22
    10 hours ago
  • Zaif Exchange Back in Business After $60 Million Hack
    Japanese cryptocurrency exchange, Zaif has announced in a press release that will resume operations on April 23, shortly after completing its move from Tech Bureau to new owners Fisco Digital Asset Group (FDAG). As Coinfomania reported in 2018, the exchange experienced a disruptive hack which led to the loss of customers funds. Approximately, a total of 6.7 billion yen (about $59.8 million) worth of cryptocurrencies, which included Bitcoin (BTC), Monacoin (MONA) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH), were lost during the hack. Following the ugly incident, Zaif initiated the process of selling the exchange to raise enough funds to compensate affected customers who lost the native cryptocurrency, Monacoin. Following the company’s transfer to the new owners in November 2018, FDAG offered a total of 5 billion yen (about $44.6 million) to financially aid Tech Bureau and as a part to acquire most of the firm’s shares.   As per the latest release, customers would receive the convention at the rate of 40% and 60% in fiat and cryptocurrency respectively. The coin’s exchange value will also be 144.548 yen ($1.28) per Monacoin. Additionally, the firm also considered an adjustment on balance (JPY increase/MONA decrease) as another bid to support victims ... read more
    Source: CoinfomaniaPublished on 2019-04-22By Ibiam Wayas
    10 hours ago
  • Altcoins Are Losing Out To Bitcoin In The Current Bullish Market
    The crypto market has exploded since the beginning of this year and how. Who would have thought that after taking a massive beating in 2018, the crypto market would bounce back so early on in 2019. But that is indeed the reality of what cryptocurrency has achieved so far this year. Source: coinmarketcap.com If you look at the current market capitalization, then you will notice the impressive growth of the valuation of the crypto market. It is up nearly $52 billion year-to-date, boosted by the general opitimism around bitcoin. What is however unusual, is how the Altcoins have performed in the wake of Bitcoin’s race to the stars. Usually market activity has shown that whenever bitcoin has demonstrated a sideways price movement or has stuck to a tight price range, Altcoins have done equally well. The story is however a little different this time around. These past few weeks, bitcoin has been relatively stable in the $5,200 to $5,300 range, but there has been no upside momentum of altcoins. This has led to a certain disillusionment amongst traders who are choosing to dump their altcoins in favour of bitcoin. When asked, one trader blamed altcoin’s inability to to test a key resistance ... read more
    Source: BTC WiresPublished on 2019-04-22By Sumedha Bose
    10 hours ago
  • Coinbase’s Political Action Committee Shuts Down Without Ever Raising a Cent
    Coinbase has shut down its political action committee after 10 months without raising any funds or backing any candidates. ... read more
    Source: CoindeskPublished on 2019-04-22By Nikhilesh De
    10 hours ago
  • Is Bitcoin Riskier Than Property Investment?
    Investing in Bitcoin comes with a huge element of risk. Infact, investing in anything is risky as generally speaking, you can never guarantee a positive return on that investment, no matter what you’re buying. Many people like to compare cryptocurrency with commodities such as gold, in fact Bitcoin itself is often referred to as Digital Gold! What about property though? Is Bitcoin any riskier than buying houses? Like cryptocurrency, property investment is met with many other extraneous factors. These are factors that are out of the control of the investors. So, whilst you might be able to control what you invest in and how much money you put into it, extraneous factors dictate other changes or movements that you can’t predict and most importantly, can’t stop. Examples include the fluctuating price of the property market (and indeed, the fluctuating price of cryptocurrencies), consumer demand and other costs associated with investment. Cryptocurrency, unlike property however is far more exposed to fraud through hacks. Crime is unfortunately rife within cryptocurrency investment. Let’s face it, it's far easier for someone to steal Bitcoin off you than it is to steal an entire property from you. With this in mind then, ... read more
    Source: CryptodailyPublished on 2019-04-22By Robert Johnson
    10 hours ago
  • Tron Weekly Report: Tron account number exceeds 8.3 million, completes testing of built-in message queue
    Tron has been surrounded by the bears for a long time and finally managed to register small-cap gains over the past few days. With the USDT launch, Tron expected the market to rally, however, the price of Tron plunged. However, Tron Foundation focused on the positives after it informed the community of Tron occupying $50 million of the USDT’s total $2.5 billion supply. Tron weekly report highlighted other developments that took place in the ecosystem , including the Tron account number exceeding 8.3 million. The team completed testing of the built-in message queue. The Foundation also developed the main chain and side chain of Sun Network. The developers are working on Tron Instagram proof-of-concept mock-up and have reviewed Node Auto Update Design. The team is working on a Minimum Viable Product [MVP] DApp. Tron Grid successfully implemented multi-signature APIs in the TronWeb and optimized data to improve latency by 50%. The Foundation also informed the community of the completion of the second Tron-USDT, which received support from SWIFT. It also made note of completing its BitTorrent [BTT] airdrop. Tron Foundation made an addition to its list of languages in which the weekly report is translated in. Apart from the existing ... read more
    Source: AMB CryptoPublished on 2019-04-22By Namrata Shukla
    10 hours ago
  • Now You Can Pay With BTC in Amazon via Lightning Network Thanks to Moon
    One of the important attributes for measuring the success of BTC is by how widely adopted it is not just in terms of wallets, but also in the number of use cases that it fulfills. However, perhaps because of a lack of trust or education, many companies refuse to experiment with this technology, forcing users to pay with fiat without caring to even try possibly better alternatives. A clear example of this reality is Amazon. The e-commerce giant remains faithful to its anti-crypto policy, even though the number of users clamoring for the ability to buy using cryptocurrencies grows every day. However, recently, a startup created by 3 young Americans made the dream of many enthusiasts and Bitcoin fans around the world a reality: They developed Moon, a plugin that allows using BTC to pay on Amazon thanks to Lightning Network. image courtesy: Moon.com To achieve this “integration”, they created an extension that connects the user’s LN wallet to an LN channel provided by the company, which in turn is connected to a payment processor that immediately performs the crypto-visa transaction on behalf of the customer. The payment procedure is quite simple. By how Moon CEO Ken Kruger explains ... read more
    Source: Ethereum World NewsPublished on 2019-04-22By Jose Antonio Lanz
    10 hours ago
  • Bought the Dip? Cryptocurrency Rallies After Weekend Drop
    The crypto markets continue to rally after the weekend dip, with investors developing a more bullish outlook. While the month of April has been extremely profitable for Bitcoin and altcoins, with the majority of top 10 coins up 50 percent or more, analysts have been debating the direction of the market. On one hand, bearish analysts are predicting a price retraction for Bitcoin, claiming that the market is entering overbought territory. Cryptocurrency fell throughout the majority of 2018’s calendar year, and has built a fair amount of detractors who find it difficult to believe that the asset is in for a resurgence. However, April 2019 is challenging the notion of a “crypto winter,” with coin prices soaring across the board. Bullish analysts such as Fundstrat’s Tom Lee, who publishes regular updates including his Bitcoin Misery Index (BMI), believes that the currency is giving positive indicators. While Tom Lee’s most recent BMI publication found BTC to be at its highest level in years (with a higher BMI indicating positive sentiment), it also complicates the price analysis for the coin. Elevated BMI has historically indicated a reversal in price on the near horizon. But, as Lee points out, Bitcoin’s current ... read more
    Source: Ethereum World NewsPublished on 2019-04-22By Michael Lavere
    10 hours ago
  • Professor Launches Campaign to Donate $1 Million in Cryptos to Venezuelans
    Steve Hanke, professor of applied economics at Johns Hopkins University and adviser to former Venezuelan president, Rafael Caldera, has launched a humanitarian campaign tagged Airdrop Venezuela, which is aimed at donating $1 million in cryptocurrency to 100,000 Venezuelans by August 209, according to a report by NPR on April 21, 2019. Hanke Improving Lives withRead MoreRead More. The post by Ogwu Osaemezu Emmanuel appeared first on BTCManager, Bitcoin, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency News ... read more
    Source: BTC ManagerPublished on 2019-04-22By Ogwu Osaemezu Emmanuel
    11 hours ago
  • Think Your Altcoin Will Beat Bitcoin ROI? Then Don’t Look at This Chart
    Bitcoin dwarfs every other altcoin when it comes to return on investment (ROI) since initial exchange listing, data shows. Had you threw in just $100 bucks into BTC in 2010, you would be a millionaire today. Bitcoin ROI Shows Why They’re Called ‘Altcoins’ A new visual graph from DataLight perfectly illustrates just how impressive Bitcoin ROI (return on investment) has been over the past decade. Buying just $100 USD worth of Bitcoin in mid-2010 would have netted you a cool $1.3 million today. That is, if you managed to ‘hodl’ instead of ‘sodl’ your precious bits until today. By comparison, every other cryptocurrency has been dwarfed by BTC when it comes to ROI since being first listed on an exchange. Granted, when it comes to trading on exchanges, Bitcoin has an almost 3 year head start even on Litecoin, one of the oldest ‘altcoins’ and the first to use the Scrypt hashing algorithm. But for those banking on the ‘silver to Bitcoin’s gold’ to beat Bitcoin’s returns anytime soon may be out of luck. Certainly, Litcoin has seen some impressive rips in recent years. However, the price of Litecoin has had a much different trajectory while being at ... read more
    Source: BitcoinistPublished on 2019-04-22By Allen Scott
    11 hours ago
  • Will EOS Crash to Lower Lows or Rebound to New Highs? (EOS/USD and EOS/EUR Price Analysis for 04/22/19)
    At BeInCrypto, we offer regular price analyses and predictions of the most popular and relevant cryptoassets. In our Apr 19 analysis of EOS (EOS), we predicted price decreases. Our prediction was validated on Apr 21, when the price reached the support area we defined. To learn more, read our EOS/USD($) and EOS/EUR(€) analysis below: On Apr 10, 2019, the price of EOS reached a high of  $6.07 and €5.38. A sharp increase ensued, and the price reached a low of $5.07 and €4.53 on Apr 12. After a gradual increase, the price dropped to the same levels on Apr 22.
    EOS/EUR Prices: Apr 11 – Apr 22
    EOS/USD Prices: Apr 11 – Apr 22               Where will the price go next? Let’s find out. EOS: Trends And Highlights For April 22, 2019 EOS reached a high of $6.07 and €5.38 on Apr 10. It is trading inside a horizontal channel. Bullish divergence is developing in the RSI. There is support near $4.9 and €4.35. Tracing the Current Trading Pattern The price of EOS on Binance was analyzed at two-hour intervals from Apr 12 to Apr 22 to ... read more
    Source: BeincryptoPublished on 2019-04-22By Valdrin Tahiri
    11 hours ago
  • Could JPM Coin Be the Negative Force Behind Ripple’s Recent Price Action?
    The past several weeks have been overwhelmingly positive for the crypto markets, with Bitcoin finding its footing in the lower-$5,000 region and many altcoins putting a significant amount of distance between their current prices and their 2018 lows. Despite this, Ripple (XRP) has been one of the few cryptos that has not incurred any massive gains, much to the chagrin of its investors. One possible factor behind Ripple’s less-than-positive price action over the past several weeks could be the release of JPMorgan’s cryptocurrency – aptly names JPM Coin – which is widely viewed as being a competitor to XRP. Ripple (XRP) Stable Around $0.32, But Caught in Persisting Trading Range  Although XRP’s recent price action hasn’t been bullish per say, it hasn’t necessarily been bearish either, as it has simply been trading flat around its current price levels. At the time of writing, Ripple is trading up 1.2% at its current price of $0.324, up slightly from its daily lows of $0.319. While looking over a seven-day trading period, XRP is down from highs of roughly $0.35, and is just a hair above its weekly lows of $0.318. This relative stability is not unique to the past seven days, however, ... read more
    Source: News BTCPublished on 2019-04-22By Cole Petersen
    11 hours ago
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