• Bitcoin Price Analysis: Bears in ‘Disbelief’
    Bitcoin price closed the week at $8,974, up 17.6%, marking a tremendous recovery from the previous week, completely reversing the loss in valuation from the previous week and putting in a new yearly high of $9,391. Let’s take a look whether Bitcoin price can continue onwards and upward and breakthrough the $10k psychological barrier. Bitcoin Price Weekly Chart The weekly chart shows the bitcoin price 00 moving from lows of $3,322 to highs of $9,391. This is a staggering increase of 182%, which is reminiscent of some of the moves seen in late 2017. Although this time it is largely going under-reported in mainstream media and is yet to capture the imagination of the general public, who normally arrive late to the party. Having found support at $7.5k last week and printing new highs on Sunday, BTC/USD has begun the new week positively, again putting the newly found 2019 highs of $9,391 under pressure. The VPVR, which illustrates volume traded at price levels, shows that above $9,300 there is very little price history which — as was found below $6k — can result in fast moves while the market attempts to rationalize the ... read more
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  • China, U.S and Hong Kong account for 70% of the world’s mining pools, report reveals
    Mining pools have been the backbone of the crypto-ecosystem, owing to their inherited duty to fuel transactions and ensure immutable credibility. Given the power mining pools hold in the space, countries like China, U.S.A, and Russia have been competing to host the world’s largest mining pools and earn the corresponding block rewards. A recent report listed the world’s top 50 mining pools based only on the mined number of coins, which reveals the involvement levels of countries that are heavily invested in crypto and blockchain technology. The report claimed, “The top 10 mined coins have market caps above $0.5 billion dollars, and the #1 coin, Bitcoin, as of our snapshot taken on May 30, 2019, had a market cap of $154 billion.” Source: Medium The graph above suggests a total annual economic value run rate of $8.6 billion, with Bitcoin being responsible for 2/3rd of the economic value so created. Additionally, overall mining per day amounts to $24 million per day, with Ethereum contributing almost $4 million to the same. Source: Medium As evidenced by the table above, China, U.S. and Hong Kong account for 70% of the world’s top 50 mining pools. And while China is currently responsible for nearly half of the annual value produced, ... read more
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  • Bitcoin Price Analysis: BTC Price Touches $9300 Second Time In The Row
    Bitcoin has again touched $9300 after dealing at the same price twice on yesterday’s charts. The coin is riding high on the bulls. Usually, if the currency touches a high, soon comes under selling pressure. Like yesterday, when Bitcoin touched $9300 twice, it was expected that today, the currency would be seen fighting the selling … The post Bitcoin Price Analysis: BTC Price Touches $9300 Second Time In The Row appeared first on CryptoNewsZ. ... read more
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  • Cryptocurrency: India Deny Existence Of Blanket Ban Bill
    If you’ve been keeping up to date with the crypto space over the past few weeks then you will have heard about India’s ‘proposed’ blanket ban over cryptocurrencies in the nation. This blanket ban would make ownership of Bitcoin and altcoins completely illegal and if found guilty of holding such digital assets, you could be facing up to ten years in prison. However, despite this being common knowledge within the crypto community, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has denied that this ‘proposed’ bill actually exists. Amongst this, the RBI has responded to a ‘Right to Information’ request which was published on 4th June by a lawyer that works in blockchain-related matters. The Bank claims that they weren’t in communication with governmental bodies throughout the legislative process as well as them not receiving any copy of the bill. Regulation for Bitcoin and blockchain in India hasn’t had an easy ride with threats of bans being interspersed with different government initiatives, as well as a regulatory sandbox from the RBI. It’s worth noting that just because the Indian Bank doesn’t acknowledge this new bill, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it isn’t a real thing. That being said, the high ... read more
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  • Popular Bitcoin Analyst Claims That Banks Will Make Losses When Facebook Coin Is Launched
    Facebook recent drive towards the development of its cryptocurrency has been the talk within the crypto community. The tech giant have been making an aggressive recruitment strategy as speculations reveal that several tech companies have committed to its blockchain project. There have been a largely negative perception from within the crypto community with several analysts. It has been widely claimed by many that Facebook coin goes against the ideals of cryptocurrency as it would be a centralised cryptocurrency. Popular Bitcoin analyst Andreas Antonopoulos has a contrary opinion as he believes the launch of a Facebook coin could cause a ripple effect in the banking sector. Speaking at the London Coinscrum Meetup gathering Antonopoulos provided different analogies about the impending launch of Facebook coin. Facebook Would Face Legal Issues In Developing An Open Source Cryptocurrency Antonopoulos revealed that Facebook would face difficulties in building an open source decentralised cryptocurrency due to the legal restraints. The crypto analyst is right as Facebook as a legal entity bound by laws would be unable to allow unrestricted cross-border transactions on its blockchain platform without running into legal issues. There would be serious repercussions on its business model which would not serve in the best ... read more
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  • What Is A Blockchain Oracle?
    Blockchain technology is ushering in a new wave of technological change that will replace the way we do things: how we manage our money; how we track goods in transit; how we record asset ownership. But blockchain technology is still in its infancy: and many chains are plagued by issues of scaling, speed, security, decentralization, and so on. The solution that many technologists are pursuing is to use the blockchain for some transactions, and to take less critical ones offline – or ‘off-chain’ – before adding those transactions to the chain en masse. But unlike blockchain, life is not linear. Everything that happens off-chain, when recorded digitally, is not sequentially recorded in the same way that blockchains are. Dark Side of the Moon doesn’t really work on shuffle. So how can we sync a blockchain to record new information that is not, by definition, determined by previous on-chain transactions? Oracles hold they key. Inbound And Outbound An oracle is a way for a blockchain or smart contract to interact with external data. With blockchains being deterministic one-way streets, an oracle is the path between off-chain and on-chain events. Inbound oracles bring off-chain or real-world data to the blockchain, whereas ... read more
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  • Crypto exchange CGEX shuts down in preparation for relaunch
    Crypto exchange CGEX shuts down in preparation for relaunch - CryptoNinjas Coinone Global Exchange (CGEX), today announced it will be temporarily stopping trading and deposit services starting from July 17th, 2019. On that date, all token trading, deposits, and active orders will be terminated. The company reports that they are preparing a new trading platform with the launch of the new CGEX to be introduced during […] Crypto exchange CGEX shuts down in preparation for relaunch - CryptoNinjas ... read more
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  • Ethereum Price Analysis: Ethereum Trades Above $270 For The Most Part Of The Day
    Ethereum records 1.1% growth in the day peaking as high as $274 ETH token to become bullish in the next few days Ethereum may give the much-awaited bullish trend this week and might start trading above $290 in the next few days. The coin has started the week on a high note and recorded a … The post Ethereum Price Analysis: Ethereum Trades Above $270 For The Most Part Of The Day appeared first on CryptoNewsZ. ... read more
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  • What's next for Binance? Interview & margin trading update with CGO Ted Lin
    Last week at the Crypto Compare summit Chepicap managed to collar Ted Lin, Binance’s own Chief Growth Officer, to ask him about the newly introduced margin trading facility, the Binance DEX and the future of the exchange. ... read more
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  • Gitcoin and ConsenSys Labs partner for Beyond Blockchain hackathon
    Gitcoin and ConsenSys Labs will host a three-week virtual hackathon called Beyond Blockchain from June 24–July 10. The event gives participants the chance to win prizes in Ethereum and ERC-20 tokens posted as bounties on Gitcoin. According to the announcement, the event focuses on bringing blockchain tools and technologies to a wider audience. Source: Beyond Blockchain Funding open-source projects $10,000 in prizes are up for grabs in categories like media, healthcare, and decentralized finance and more sponsorships and bounties will be announced as the event approaches. Prizes will be offered as bounties on Gitcoin’s platform using a featured hackathon prize explorer. The virtual hackathon continues efforts by Gitcoin and ConsenSys to develop funding for open-source projects. Interested developers, designers, and entrepreneurs can sign up here. Organizations interested in pitching sponsorships related to the event’s theme of increasing the adoption of blockchain tools and technologies can contact [email protected]. Gitcoin has promised to deliver more announcements regarding prizes and bounties in the weeks approaching the hackathon. Previous events The announcement comes just over a month after the close of the Ethereal Virtual Hackathon, and Ethereal Summit New York. Held in partnership with Microsoft, the hackathon saw over 600 participants competing for $67,000 ... read more
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  • Peter McCormack seeks deadline extension to file his defense against Wright
    The host of What Bitcoin Did podcast, Peter McCormack has asked for an extension to file his defense against the lawsuit brought against him by self-proclaimed Bitcoin creator, Craig Wright, CoinGeek reports. ... read more
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  • XRP/GateHub: Hacker continues to prowl the market as part of stolen XRP transferred to Digifinex
    XRP, the third largest cryptocurrency by market cap, was the highlight of the cryptocurrency space after a hacker stole a significant amount of coins from GateHub, a wallet that supports the top cryptocurrencies in the market. Nearly 23 million XRP were stolen from the platform via an attack by the hacker earlier this month. The service provider stated that this could have been the cause of “suspicious API calls” in its initial statement, adding that they did not find any loopholes on the platform that would have enabled the hacker in carrying out the attack. Further, in a recent Twitter post, GateHub also alerted its users about phishing emails, asking them to transfer their funds with the subject “Critical Security Warning/ Action Required – New Secured Wallets.” The platform advised users not to transfer their funds to the address mentioned in the phishing email. Keeping this aside, the hacker has been moving around the stolen funds to several exchange platforms. Earlier today, according to Whale Alert, the hacker moved 30,000 XRP equivalent to $13,055 to DigiFinex, an exchange platform headquartered in Singapore. The transfer was made from rDBneo78RVCfMdAbvPo4v2sf8uk3RKKe1b address to DigiFinex’s rnG2XVwdULE5mfWA5EFxnyTkUGgg2K39AP address at 09:05:41 UTC on June 17, 2019. ... read more
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  • Dash Price Analysis: Dash Price Surge On The Charts, $170 Seems The Next Target
    Dash price is heading towards $170 after almost touching $165. The coin is considered to be the most volatile coin in the top 20 coins. The beauty of the coin is to keep the intraday investors on the edge of their seats. The coin is currently riding the bull. The coin was at $157.84 and … The post Dash Price Analysis: Dash Price Surge On The Charts, $170 Seems The Next Target appeared first on CryptoNewsZ. ... read more
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  • Litecoin Creator Invited to Talk Crypto at $4.6M Warren Buffet Lunch
    Tron’s Justin Sun has announced that his first ‘plus one’ for the Warren Buffet charity lunch will be Litecoin Founder, Charlie Lee. The Litecoin creator tweeted that he was ‘excited about this opportunity to meet a legend’. We believe this refers to Buffett rather than Sun. It’ll Take More Than Justin Sun To Sell Buffett On Crypto Justin Sun won the lunch date with noted crypto-sceptic Warren Buffett after bidding $4.57 million in a charity auction. Despite bidding more than $1 million more than the previous record-winning bid, many thought his efforts would be in vain.
    Warren Buffett will sip a cherry coke and say: "thank you for your donations, Justin". — Alex Krüger (@krugermacro) June 3, 2019 Undeterred however, Sun promised to enlist ‘all of the blockchain leaders’ in his quest to convince Buffett of cryptocurrency’s value. Luckily, $4.57 million paid for more than just a single seat at the table, and Sun can take up to seven guests with him. I’m Thrilled To Invite My Good Friend To Be The 1st Guest Charlie Lee was the creator of Litecoin, one of the first Bitcoin spin-off coins back in 2011. In December 2017 he sold ... read more
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  • Future Developments For These 3 Cryptocurrencies
    The market has had a few restless weeks. It’s as if it has been tossing and turning in its sleep with sudden bursts of energy here and there. Three cryptocurrencies have specifically not been surging though, well not compared to others in the space anyway. The following projects are unique and do have a lot of innovation though, not to mention that they are very committed to their assets. The first of these digital assets is Ripple. This cryptocurrency has been stable for a while now and is making a lot of partnerships throughout the world. On top of this, the XRP army paves the way for all doors to open and all haters to run. Secondly, we have Cardano which has the three key factors of a main businesses model and the community that is clearly supporting the project as well as its leader, Charles Hoskinson. IOTA was the largest gaining asset in 2017 and has huge partnerships with government connections. IOTA also has the top DAG-based crypto in the entire market, which gives it but slight advantage to other top assets. Future developments These projects have some big things in the pipeline with new products ... read more
    Source: CryptodailyPublished on 2019-06-17By Adrian Barkley
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  • Binance Introducing Bitcoin-Pegged Token To Boost DEX Utility
    The world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange doesn’t seem to show any signs of slowing down. Just today, it announced that it will issue a number of cryptocurrency-pegged tokens on its decentralized exchange starting with BTCB – a BEP2 token pegged to BTC. BTC-Pegged Token on Binance Chain Earlier today, the CEO at Binance, Changpeng Zhao came up with a tweet saying that 9001 BTC will soon be transferred for a “good thing.” Naturally, this caused immediate curiosity among members of the community, most of which praised the CEO for his transparency, as it’s always the case. It wasn’t long after Zhao’s tweet the reason became evident. The world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange has announced its very first cryptocurrency-pegged token – BTCB.
    Introducing: #Bitcoin-Pegged Token on #Binance Chain Binance will issue a number of crypto-pegged tokens on Binance Chain in the coming days, starting with $BTCB, a BEP2 token pegged to $BTC. Which other tokens would you like pegged on Binance chain?https://t.co/aohKP8cRhf — Binance (@binance) June 17, 2019 It is a BEP2-based one which will be pegged to BTC. Immediately after the announcement, the exchange also explained that this is the reason for the transfer of the 9001 ... read more
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  • Monero Price Analysis: Drones Will Be Used To Safeguard The Monero (XMR) Blockchain
    The latest version v0.14.1.0 release of Monero (XMR) marks the introduction of Trezor support for the model T. At present, the guide is in command line interface, but a GUI version will be made available soon. Recently, Astral AR, a Texas-based company, specializing in safety drones, and Core Scientific, a blockchain infrastructure and AI firm, … The post Monero Price Analysis: Drones Will Be Used To Safeguard The Monero (XMR) Blockchain appeared first on CryptoNewsZ. ... read more
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  • Cybersecurity for Cryptocurrency Exchanges: Common Hacker Attacks and How to Prevent Them
    Cryptocurrencies have made a huge impact on the financial industry and have managed to establish digital coins as one of the most talked about financial assets of the past few years. Everyone wants in on the game – individual investors, traders, cryptocurrencies, even governments are eager to tap into the immense potential of cryptocurrencies and their underlying tech. And of course, hackers want in, too. As cybercrime attacks are on the rise globally, how can you protect yourself from cybercriminals looking to target cryptocurrency users – and how can you be sure that the cryptocurrency exchange you are using is taking every measure necessary to protect your account from getting hacked? Why do hackers target cryptocurrency exchanges? Crypto exchanges are in fact the keepers of an immense volume of wealth, traded every day across their members. In December 2018, popular cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase announced that it had upgraded its infrastructure from its Generation 3 system to the newer version, Generation 4. In order to complete the upgrade, Coinbase had to move a whopping $5 billion in altcoins, which according to the exchange itself, might have been the largest migration of digital coins since Bitcoin took its first steps. The figure ... read more
    Source: OracleTimesPublished on 2019-06-17By Eduard Watson
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  • Bitmain Sues Former Employees Who Founded Rival Poolin Mining Pool
    In one of the rare incidents involving a dispute between cryptocurrency mining firms, the leading Bitmain company, which is the leading players in the industry, has now locked in a legal battle with rival Poolin firm. Interestingly, Poolin has been co-founded by three formal employees of Bitmain and is now operating in the same crypto … The post Bitmain Sues Former Employees Who Founded Rival Poolin Mining Pool appeared first on CryptoNewsZ. ... read more
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  • What You Should Know Before Investing in IEOs
    The initial exchange offering (IEO) is a relatively new crowdfunding model that's rapidly gaining popularity among cryptocurrency investors. Although similar to the ICO model, IEOs are relying on crypto exchanges to partly fund their marketing campaigns and provide liquidity instead of the startups doing all the work on their own. Since exchanges are basically putting their reputation at stake when backing IEOs, it is in their best interest to do their due diligence thoroughly before hosting an IEO token sale. As a consequence, IEOs generally enjoy a higher level of legitimacy than ICO projects, where potential investors are expected to rely solely on their own research when determining a project’s trustworthiness. For token issuers themselves, the benefits of the IEO model are obvious as they are able to access an exchange’s existing user base, marketing resources, and get their tokens listed shortly after the token sale ends. Comparing IEOs Performance to ICOs After a lackluster 2018, there hasn’t been a resurgence of interest for ICOs in 2019. IEO projects, on the other hand, are performing significantly better as they have outraised ICOs by almost $400 million since the start of 2019. Since 2017, the number of IEO projects has risen from 12 to at ... read more
    Source: CoinCodexPublished on 2019-06-17By Ted Late
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  • Blockchain In Retail: Still A Long Way To Go
    Blockchain technology, inspite of its widespread acceptance today, has a long way to go as far as retail is concerned. There has been much debate and differential works on the algorithms to generate the next token or the algorithms that are focused on the other parts of blockchain but these minute differences do not matter in retail. Retailers are mostly interested on the functional aspects of a system, that is, its Performance, Privacy, and Ease of Use. You May Also Read: Blockchain Technology Blockchain has not yet received a significant success with respect to these aspects. Let us look more objectively. Performance: Blockchain performance in retail can be utilized in chiefly two places: payments and programmatic advertising. In blockchain-driven payments, the speed of processing a consumer payment becomes extremely important. For these to be adopted in retail, it needs to be faster and more efficient than the payment processes currently in use. Studies show, both Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum(ETH) are lagging way behind in comparison to VISA. In programmatic advertising, it’s an even more acute problem, because the sub-nanosecond decisions that go into what advertising to load when one views a web page can sometimes involve dozens of parties, all ... read more
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  • XCOEX Keeps it Simple with [Bitcoin] Cash for Cryptos
    The second quarter of 2019 had given the crypto market plenty of reasons to be cheerful. The price surge means that public interest in cryptocurrencies is once again on the rise. Google searches for Bitcoin spiked in early April, and there has been a similar peak in the number of new blockchain wallets registered during that time. This sudden influx of newcomers isn’t just good news for the markets. Growth means there are opportunities for fresh talent, innovations, and business models to enter the market. In the exchange business, one such new entrant is XCOEX exchange. In a move sure to appeal to crypto’s newcomers, this exchange is all about keeping it simple. Their latest Bitcoin Cash giveaway promotion is also a testament to this philosophy. Meet XCOEX XCOEX is a new cryptocurrency exchange that aims to make trading of cryptocurrencies as simple as possible. Users can transfer fiat to crypto and vice-versa, as well as crypto-to-crypto exchanges of all the major coins. The interface is fast and intuitive, available via desktop or mobile through the App Store or Google Play Store. Registration and on-boarding take only a few minutes to undergo the requisite background checks. XCOEX also features a ... read more
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  • Best Stellar Lumens Wallets in 2019
    The Stellar team exists with a focus on making global money transfers cheaper, quicker, and reliable. The team believes that the current system is not efficient enough. The platform is decentralized and meant to link banks, payment systems, and individuals. Stellar believes that for prosperity, the global financial system should be accessible and open to everyone. To achieve this goal, the Stellar network aims to act as a link between all the involved parties. Stellar’s native token is Lumens (XLM). By press time, the asset was trading at $0.125844 with a market capitalization of $2,441,300,629. This capitalization puts XLM in the 10th position among cryptocurrencies. XLM is a cryptocurrency worth investing in because it has the potential of mass adoption. As a result, there is a need for identifying the best wallet for storing the asset. Before settling on any XLM wallet, there are several things to look out for. Most importantly, look at the security features of your wallet. Also, look at the backup and restoration capabilities. What will happen to your assets when you lose access to the wallet? Another critical thing to look at for is the development team. If the wallet has a ... read more
    Source: ZerocryptedPublished on 2019-06-17By Amisi Paul
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  • CryptoCompare report: Trade patterns alone are insufficient evidence of exchanges fudging trading volume
    Of the many pertinent stakeholders in the cryptocurrency space, exchanges have been the well and true focus of 2019. With the absence of prominent ICOs, the rise of IEOs, and the surging price of Bitcoin [BTC] as well as the collective market, the central bodies that govern value transfer are key to the collective industry, and their integrity is paramount. However, several reports have emerged this year detailing the gulf of difference between an exchange’s actual volume and their reported volume. To evidence these incredibly flawed volume submissions, many reports adjudged the trading patterns, as depicted via histograms to be a key sign for a larger fudge-up. However, a recent report by the cryptocurrency market aggregators, CryptoCompare, chided this claim and stated that trade patterns might not be a tell-all. The report titled “Exchange Benchmarking,” had a section spelling out the same called, “A Note on Fake Trading Reports.” It should be noted that when the exchange is talking about an exchange’s “quality,” it is basing this on a custom analysis and grading scale where several factors including geography of the exchange, legal assessment, investment, trade surveillance, and quality of the legal assessment, team, data provision, and market are collectively ... read more
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  • Nouriel Roubini Says Facebook’s GlobalCoin Has ‘Nothing to Do With Crypto’
    Noted economist Nouriel Roubini has said Facebook's soon-to-be unveiled cryptocurrency is not really crypto or blockchain. ... read more
    Source: CoindeskPublished on 2019-06-17By Daniel Palmer
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  • South Korean Crypto Exchanges Update Terms of Service
    Exciting times for South Korean bitcoin and altcoin investors as five local exchanges including Bithumb have revised their terms of service to make it possible for traders to get duly compensated should there be an unforeseen circumstance that leads to loss of funds, even if the security breach is not as a result of negligenceRead MoreRead More. The post by Ogwu Osaemezu Emmanuel appeared first on BTCManager, Bitcoin, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency News ... read more
    Source: BTC ManagerPublished on 2019-06-17By Ogwu Osaemezu Emmanuel
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  • Ontology Price Analysis: Ontology (ONT) Network Will Continue To Enhance The Crypto Network
    With the developing Ontology environment and association with @moviebloc and @PaxosStandard, the network has seen a sensational increment in the number of clients. The network further aims to expand its winds in the Vietnamese market is another huge advance toward this path. Let us look at how the coin has performed: – Current Statistics of … The post Ontology Price Analysis: Ontology (ONT) Network Will Continue To Enhance The Crypto Network appeared first on CryptoNewsZ. ... read more
    Source: CryptoNewsZPublished on 2019-06-17By Trevor Holman
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  • Weakening Dollar Gives The Green Light To Bitcoin (BTC) To Pursue $10k Rally
    Bitcoin (BTC) failed to break past $9,600 on the weekend even though it charged aggressively from $8,440 (CME Futures close) and ended the week just below $9,000 at $8,979. When BTC/USD closed the week below $9,000 a lot of traders were disappointed because they expected the rally to continue till the 38.2% fib retracement from ATH which coincides with $9,600 on most exchanges. One might argue that the price did end up testing that level on the Bitstamp exchange but we have yet to see it happen on other exchanges. Now, just when BTC/USD closed the week below $9,000, we saw EUR/USD begin to charge towards its 50 Day EMA and this gave Bitcoin (BTC) the green light to keep going. At the time of writing, BTC/USD is well above $9,000 and EUR/USD is struggling to break past the 50 Day EMA. We have discussed in our previous analyses how the EUR/USD break out could have been a fake out. We still maintain that this could be the case if EUR/USD fails to close above the 50 Day EMA. The most likely scenario will be that we might see EUR/USD break past the 50 Day EMA but it will end ... read more
    Source: CryptodailyPublished on 2019-06-17By Jefe Caan
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  • Ethereum Price Analysis – ETH Returns To May Resistance – Are The Bulls Overstretched Again?
    Ethereum Price: $273 Key ETH resistance levels: $275, $300, $310, $315, $320, $325, $330 Key ETH support levels: $270, $260, $250, $247, $240, $235, $228 *Price at the time of writing Ethereum has returned back to the previous level of resistance that had caused problems for the market during May 2019 at around the $272 level. The cryptocurrency has continued to surge higher, after dropping into the $225 support level during June 2019, rising by a total of 12.79% over the past 7 trading days. Buy/Sell Ethereum (ETH) How to buy Ethereum (ETH) on Binance Ethereum has now seen an extraordinary price increase totaling 94% over the past 3 months of trading - a fantastic rate of return by any standards! Ethereum remains ranked in second place in the market cap rankings as it currently holds a $29.03 billion market cap value. If the market can continue to break above the current resistance at $280, they will be creating a fresh high for 2019. Ethereum Price Analysis   What has been going on? We can see that since our last Ethereum analysis, the market has continued to climb ... read more
    Source: CoinCodexPublished on 2019-06-17By Yaz Sheikh
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  • An Interview With The Technical Advisor Behind Xeonbit’s Team
    What is Xeonbit? Xeonbit is a private digital currency for secure payment network, fully decentralized, that aims to become the most effective method for commercial payments for the eCommerce industry, solving one of the main problems that the blockchain community is facing nowadays; which is adoption. In an interview held with Mr.Richard, Technical Advisor and […] The post An Interview With The Technical Advisor Behind Xeonbit’s Team appeared first on CryptoCoin.News. ... read more
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  • Raven Protocol Completes its IDO on Binance DEX, Raven Price Shoots
    Coinspeaker Raven Protocol Completes its IDO on Binance DEX, Raven Price ShootsAs we recently reported, Raven Protocol was preparing to conduct the very first IDO (Initial DEX Offering). Today, the IDO has ended and Raven Protocol (RAVEN) is listed on Binance DEX in pair with Binance Coin (BNB). All participants had to pass a KYC check. “We will place blocks of sell orders at the opening of trading,” they instructed in their blog post, describing it as keeping it simple.Once the token was released on the Binance DEX platform, it immediately shot up to such highs as 0.0005, which is x10 from the IDO price. Of course, it got dumped just as fast as it was pumped. However, now it has leveled out and going sideways for the last couple of hours.The token sale itself ended as the hard cap was reached. Just for a reminder, the hard cap was $500,000 (15,000 BNB) and the total token supply -10,000,000,000 RAVEN. 3% of this amount (300,000,000 RAVEN) was allocated for the IDO.What is an IDO (Initial DEX Offering)?As the team of Raven Protocol describes in their blog, even they don’t know. It is something that has never been done before. All this ... read more
    Source: CoinspeakerPublished on 2019-06-17By Janis Rijnieks
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  • The Ecom Platform Born To Simplify Cryptocurrency Operations
    Global adoption takes its course and continues to expand a new trend shift. In the age of data, privacy, and other Internet-related issues, we are witnessing a progressive crypto boom during 2019 that focuses on simplifying and expanding ecosystem services and applications. In this line of events, the Ecom platform presents version 4.0 of its wallet. For those interested in downloading, it can be found in the App Store (iOS), Google Play (Android), and APK File (Android). The wallet is compatible with the storage, reception and sending of contrasted cryptocurrencies and tokens, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Binance token (BNB), 0x (ZRX), Maker (MKR), Basic Attention Token (BAT), Huobi Token (HT) and VeChain (VET). It also has secure, stable tokens (stablecoins) such as True USD (TUSD) and USD coin (USDC). In addition to offering a range of pairs that will grow progressively, the wallet is compatible with cash withdrawals, receipts, and other functions including exchanging with the ECK token quickly. All complicated operations become waiting-free and straightforward for users, thanks to a system managed by artificial intelligence (AI) and EcomToken’s smart contracts. Automated technology for fast order management with BotTrader Through the Ecom wallet, the platform can ... read more
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  • BTC holding steady around $9,300 as several alts post double-digit gains
    As the weekend saw Bitcoin push through $9,000 again, the king coin seems adamant to keep it this way as BTC sees further gains of 1.38%, solidifying its place well above the $9,000 mark.  ... read more
    Source: ChepicapPublished on 2019-06-17
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  • Tether Price Analysis: What Does The Future Hold For USDT?
    Tether is a stable coin that exceeds its market capitalization by its trading volume regularly. Tether’s entire supply changes regularly, sometimes more than once a day. This is the main reason Tether is one of the important sources of liquidity in the crypto market. This liquidity is essential for keeping the price stable and facilitates … The post Tether Price Analysis: What Does The Future Hold For USDT? appeared first on CryptoNewsZ. ... read more
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  • Binance Launches a New Cryptocurrency, BTCB, Pegged to Bitcoin
    Binance, which more often than not makes the news has made yet another interesting announcement. It has created a 9001 BTC (about $80 million) reserve fund and designed a new cryptocurrency BTCB, pegged to the price of Bitcoin. Bitcoins can be exchanged for BTCB on Binance.com at less than 0.1% deviation from the actual price. According to the press release, Pegged tokens such as BTCB, are 100% backed by the native coin in reserve, which is Bitcoin (BTC) in BTCB’s case. The reserve addresses are published for anyone to audit. The ‘B’ after BTC presumably stands for Binance. Nevertheless, no abbreviations were cited by the Exchange source. This is significantly similar to stablecoins which are backed by FIAT currencies. However, the novelty with this chain is that it is backed by a cryptocurrency itself. Hence, stability in price does not seem to be the aim here. Furthermore, the announcement also included that Binance will be introducing more pegs to several other leading cryptocurrencies. Also Read: Binance Plans To Switch Operations in the US: How Will it Affect the Cryptocurrency Markets? This a strong move made by Binance to increase the volume of DEX while keeping Binance.com’s interests intact. Many cryptocurrencies pegged ... read more
    Source: CoinGapePublished on 2019-06-17By Nivesh Rustgi
    8 hours ago
  • Cardano (ADA) Partners Georgia To Improve Country’s Educational System Using Blockchain
    Members of the Cardano community woke up to the good news of the team’s latest partnership. As announced by Charles Hoskinson, the projects’ founder on Twitter today June 17 2019 that the team had come into an agreement with the government of Georgia, singing a Memorandum of understanding which marks the beginning of a long term relationship to improve the country’s educational system using Cardano blockchain and Atala, an enterprise blockchain framework.
    First MoU signed with the Minister of Education to explore using Atala and Cardano to build a next generation credential verification system for Georgia and beyond pic.twitter.com/Z9tlKpI8Mn — Charles Hoskinson (@IOHK_Charles) June 17, 2019 What We Know About The Signed MoU The announcement was received with a lot of gratitude. The members of the community who couldn’t keep their excitement showered praises on Charles Hoskinson for a job well done. A few of them think its time everyone has been waiting to see; that time to see ADA, the official currency of Cardano blockchain moon. Presently, Charles has signed an MoU with the Ministry of Education and another with the Free University in Tbilisi, Georgia. As revealed, the team will be working on building a ... read more
    Source: ZyCryptoPublished on 2019-06-17By Jide Idowu
    8 hours ago
  • Russian Hackers Might be Behind 2018 Coincheck Hack
    After authorities have long suspected North Korea behind the theft, new evidence suggests Russian hackers are guilty. ... read more
    Source: Finance MagnatesPublished on 2019-06-17By Celeste Skinner
    8 hours ago
  • Litecoin Creator to Join Justin Sun in ‘Crypto Lunch’ With Warren Buffett
    Charlie Lee, the creator of Litecoin has accepted Justin Sun’s offer to attend a crypto lunch with Warren Buffett. Sun, the TRON CEO won a chance to have lunch with Berkshire Hathaway chief and has since expressed his intention to have other cryptocurrency personalities as part of the event. Sun hopes to win over Buffett who has consistently derided the entire cryptocurrency market. Meanwhile, Litecoin continues to be one of the best performing virtual currencies in the market in 2019. Charlie Lee Accepts Sun’s Invitation Lee took to Twitter on Monday (June 17, 2018) to accept Sun’s invitation to the lunch date with Warren Buffett. Sun had on the previous day, named Lee as his first invited guest to the event.
    Thanks Justin! I'm excited about this opportunity to meet a legend. https://t.co/L8uUv0yrXb — Charlie Lee [LTC] (@SatoshiLite) June 16, 2019 Issuing the invite, Sun declared that he would announce more guests. The TRON CEO can name as many as seven guests to the lunch and stakeholders in the industry have been throwing up the names of different notable personalities in the cryptocurrency space. Sun submitted a $4 million bid to win the annual luncheon ... read more
    Source: BlockonomiPublished on 2019-06-17By Osato Avan-Nomayo
    8 hours ago
  • EOS Price Analysis: EOS Price Surge Leads The Bulls Towards $7.25
    EOS is heading to hit $7.25 with the current bulls riding the market. The coin touched $7.20 yesterday. The stats reflect that the next time will be a fortunate price surge. Presently, Bitcoin is dominating the market. EOS is often seen anchored by the same. As per the current statistics, the coin is not only … The post EOS Price Analysis: EOS Price Surge Leads The Bulls Towards $7.25 appeared first on CryptoNewsZ. ... read more
    Source: CryptoNewsZPublished on 2019-06-17By Roxanne Williams
    8 hours ago
  • Is The Crypto Surge Here To Stay?
    After all the drops during November, Cryptocurrency has been climbing up the market exponentially recently and there are numerous speculations being made on how long this period will last. A Hong Kong-based crypto finance institution, previously known as BabelBank, announced on Wednesday that the company experienced a good surge in demand for bitcoin-collateralized loans in China over the last few months. While market analysts remain sceptical, BabelFinance is convinced that it’s a “bullish” sign of good things to come. BabelFinance offers financial services for crypto investors, crypto miners and crypto institutions. It provides loans in stablecoins, collateralized by deposits of Bitcoin (soon to include Ethereum, Litecoin, BCH, and other PoW coins, plus XRP or Stellar). Customers can also transfer their crypto assets to BabelFinance and generate interest through pledge loans. In April, BabelFinance reportedly carried a balance of $27 million in outstanding loans. Two months later, and the company now says that balance has ballooned to more than $100 million—bringing its total to approximately $124 million in loans since first opening its doors in July 2018. In other words, more than 80 percent of all the bitcoin-backed loans that the company has moved in the last year have been executed in ... read more
    Source: The Coin RepublicPublished on 2019-06-17By Umme Haani
    8 hours ago
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